ToM: The Seven-Striped Lass


Mat sits on a stool in The Seven-Striped Lass, a tavern in Caemlyn. He is playing with Verin's letter, still unopened. He is visiting taverns to hear rumors. The tavern keeper is Melli Craeb. She is pretty, but Mat is married now so he thinks she might be good for Talmanes. She is not a pretty as Tuon. The bouncer is Berg. A pretty serving girl passes and he thinks she might be good for Thom. Mat is going by the name -Lord Crimson- and is growing a beard. Too many footpads have pictures of him[1] plus he has been nervous about crowds since Hinderstap.

Mat finishes his ale and goes to another tavern, The Dead Man's Breath. The tavern keeper is Bernherd. Mat thinks he should have Lopin remove the lace on his coat for a place like this. Mat joins a dice game with Chaser and Clare. They say that Jowdry was killed over at The Farrier's Green, throat torn out and drained of blood. Mat's dice all land on their corners and the dice start up in his head. The gholam is in Caemlyn.

Mat takes the Queen's Walk to find Thom. He sent a letter to Elayne but got no response. He needs to send another as he needs to warn her as well as talk about Aludra's dragons. He has a score to settle for Nalesean and Tylin. He has the foxhead medallion as always. He finds Thom playing the flute in The Two Apples. The innkeeper is Bromas. He thinks she might be good for Vanin.

He collects Thom and they head back to the Band's camp a league outside of the city. A clerk named Norry gave them permission. Thom wishes The Queen's Blessing were still open. Gill always had good information. They have learned that the Tower of Ghenjei is where Domon said, northwest of Whitebridge. Mat has a vague memory but his memory has holes like Jori Congar's alibis. Mat wanted confirmation as Domon and Leilwin don't seem to like him much. He wants accurate enough information for someone to make a gateway there, but he does not know who, since Verin vanished.

As they approach the camp a squad of Redarms salutes. The sergeant, Gufrin, reports that the three Aes Sedai returned to the camp. They had been staying in the city. The Band rejoined with Estean and the others who went ahead to Andor. Mentally, Mat plans improvements on the camp based on his memories of the Battle of Marisin Valley back in Coremanda. As he nears his tent, Teslyn approaches. She, Joline and Edesina want to return to the White Tower. There are conflicting rumors about the White Tower and the rebels. Teslyn came to thank Mat for rescuing her from the Seanchan. He offers her horses for the trip. He lifts the flap to his tent and smells...blood.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Darkfriends ordered to kill him and Perrin. (TGS,Ch36)

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