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Siuan Sanche POV#

The sky is covered with clouds that may or may not bring a storm. Siuan and Lelaine walk through the camp. There are over a thousand novices now. Lelaine asks about the negotiations and Siuan says Elaida refuses to yield on anything. Lelaine and Romanda still jockey for influence but Lelaine seems to be winning. Lelaine thinks it is time to send envoys to the nations and wonders if Romanda will argue. Siuan manipulates her saying that she saw Romanda talking with Maralenda, a distant cousin to House Trakand. Anything to keep her distracted from trying to steal power from Egwene. Lelaine offers to pay off Siuan's debt to Bryne but Siuan declines.

Siuan heads for the army camp thinking that her quest for the Dragon Reborn has consumed her life. Moiraine died for it. She wonders if she should have switched to Green like Leane. She reaches Bryne's palisade. It is getting late and she is supposed to meet Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod at dark. In Bryne's tent, they chide each other a bit, then Bryne asks her why she broke her oath. At first she hedges, saying she had to get information and Logain to Salidar. She breaks down and tells him the truth about the Foretelling of the Dragon Reborn and that Tamra was murdered by the Black Ajah. Now Moiraine is dead, too. Bryne tells her she needs to get to bed. He is aware of her meetings with Egwene every three days. She thinks he is insufferable, but beds down with the twisted ring.

In Tel'aran'rhiod there is a violent but strangely silent storm in the sky. She moves to the Mistress of Novices study to wait. She wonders if Leane is alright, knowing how spiteful Elaida can be. She still feels sorrow at Alric. Egwene appears and they move to the novice dining hall. Siuan tells her about Delana and Halima. Egwene brings up Anaiya, murdered with saidin, and Siuan tells her it was somehow Halima.[1] Siuan tells her about the envoy from the Dragon Reborn, how some Asha'man have bonded sisters, and his offer to let sisters bond Asha'man. The bonded sisters were sent by Elaida to destroy the Black Tower. And that saidin is cleansed. Egwene takes the shocks very well. Siuan tells her of Lelaine's and Romanda's tactics. Egwene is okay with that as well. They talk of the coming Last Battle. Elayne told Egwene of a room where One Power objects are stored. Siuan confirms it is a locked storeroom in the basement. Egwene says they will meet again in two days.

Siuan wakes on her cot in Bryne's tent. He sleeps on the other side. She thinks how strange it is that she is falling in love, then goes back to sleep.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] When Balthamel was given a new female body he still channeled saidin. Evidently the One Power associates with the soul, not the body.

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