TGS: Unexpected Encounters

Egwene POV#

Well over a month has passed since TGS,Ch6, TGS,Ch8. Egwene walks through the White Tower with her Red Ajah escort. Per Elaida's orders there are almost always two with her. She is still upset that Rand allowed Asha'man to bond sisters. She thinks how much he has changed since the Two Rivers and then she thinks of Gawyn, wondering where he is. Siuan will have to deal with them. She is still creeped out over Halima.

Today she has training with both Meidani and Bennae Nalsad. Egwene wonders why Bennae summoned her for a second session. Bennae's study is full of skeletons including a human. There are stacks of books on the reign of Artur Hawkwing. Egwene practices some weaves, then none too subtly Bennae asks for advice on how to deal with her Sitters! She is in trouble for knowing about the thirteenth depository in the library, information from Egwene. Egwene mentally thanks Silviana for her advice on refusing to simply accept unjust punishment and gives Bennae excellent advice.

As soon as she leaves Bennae, Egwene gets a note to attend Nagora. Nagora works Egwene on logic problems that seem to relate to dealing with an aging, frustrated Warder! Then she gets a summons to Suana, her first meeting with a Sitter.[1] Suana offers her a place in the Yellow Ajah even though Egwene is not strong in Healing! Egwene urges her to begin meeting with Sitters of the other Ajahs to help mend the White Tower.[2]

Egwene goes to her long overdue lesson with Meidani. Asked why she took so long, Meidani replies that she did not want to draw Elaida's suspicion. Egwene asks why Meidani does not flee the Tower but she will not answer. Egwene asks if she turned to Elaida before or after Beonin outed the ferrets and she furiously replies that she hates Elaida. She admits that they were pillow friends as novices. Egwene figures that Meidani is trapped by an oath and, instead of telling, asks her to show what is going on. She teaches Meidani the weave for Traveling and Meidani takes her to a basement corridor. She warns Egwene of the danger, wishing her Warder[3] were not out of the city. Meidani takes her still deeper then knocks on a door. A Warder, Adsalan,[4] opens it. Seaine, Yukiri, Saerin and Doesine are there. She asserts her authority enough that they divulge their purpose and plan to seek out the Black Ajah. Saerin states that Elaida is the lawfully raised Amyrlin. Egwene states that Siuan was unlawfully deposed, then asks if they found any Black Ajah among the Sitters who raised Elaida. Doesine admits that they did.[5] Since only twelve Sitters were present at the vote that means Elaida was unlawfully raised as well. Egwene says they are all serving the Shadow as long as they remain divided. She orders them to make reuniting the Tower their prime mission and orders them to remove the fourth oath from the ferrets. The Sitters do not disagree and Egwene and Meidani leave. Meidani can barely believe that Egwene pulled it off. Egwene replies that they are wise enough to understand what needs to be done. She wishes there were more like them and Silviana in the Tower. They hurry to return before Egwene's Red Ajah escort becomes suspicious.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Though she unknowingly has had lessons with at least two Ajah heads, Adelorna Bastine and Serancha. Suana, of course, is also First Weaver of the Yellow Ajah.
[#2] Ironic that Suana and the other Ajah heads are meeting in secret!
[#3] Her Warder is Leonin.
[#4] None of the four Sitters has a Warder so he is probably bonded to one of the other ferrets sworn to them.
[#5] Talene Minly

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