TGS: Embers and Ash

Perrin POV#

Perrin opens his eyes to find himself floating in air in the wolf dream. The sky is stormy with unusual, violent clouds.[1] Hopper tells him to jump down. He says the Last Hunt comes. If Shadowkiller falls to the storm all will sleep forever. Perrin tries to tell Hopper about losing control but the wolf does not understand. Hopper wants to run. When Perrin insists that Hopper teach him he is kicked out of the dream.

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Faile POV#

Faile is waiting for Perrin to sleep soundly but he is restless. It is a week since Malden[2] and they are nearing the Jehannah Road. Things are going smoothly though the Asha'man are still too tired for gateways. Perrin seems haunted and sorrowful. Outside she can hear the guards and one of the farriers, Jerasid, Aemin or Falton, at work. She feels stronger since her captivity with Sevanna and the Shaido. She had victories before, Cha Faile, the Two Rivers, Alliandre, but Malden taught her true leadership. Perrin wakes and again tells her he did not sleep with Berelain. She believes him, but he still does not understand her jealousy. She fibs, telling him that no one in the Shaido camp would bother gai'shain. He does not need to know about Masema or Rolan. It would tear him up if he knew that he killed someone who was trying to help her. Masema's possessions are gone from his tent.[3] As he falls asleep, Perrin worries what Rand will think about him losing Masema. He mumbles about watching Rand sleep, wondering what happened to his hand.

After he is asleep she dresses and meets Arrela and Lacile outside the tent. Bain and Chiad join them. They are both now gai'shain to Gaul. They leave the camp and meet Alliandre. They have mementos from Kinhuin, Jhoradin, Rolan and Marthea, the Aiel who helped them. They carefully burn the mementos to honor their memory. Lacile says that Niagen, gai'shain to Sulin, is one of the Brotherless. She will tell him of what the others did for them. The past is now a bed of embers and ash.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin wakes to find Faile gone. He thinks she went to the privy. He thinks about Hopper and the wolf dream. He is headed for the Last Battle and he wants to be in control when it comes. He has avoided his problems which would disappoint Master Luhhan. He knows he must decide to let Faile ride into danger. He decides to face his problems and that gives him enough peace to go back to sleep.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The influence of the Dark One on the cloud cover is so strong that it is now reflecting in Tel'aran'rhiod.
[#2] So about ten days since KoD,Ch30.
[#3] It is not clear if he took his few possessions with him or if someone else plundered his tent. What might have been in there that would be worthwhile?

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