TPoD: Answering the Summons

Rand POV#

It is the day after TPoD,Ch14. Charl Gedwyn and Manel Rochaid arrive with eight Dedicated and forty soldiers. Gedwyn, the leader, calls himself Tsorovan'm'hael or "Storm Leader" in the Old Tongue. Rochaid, second in command, calls himself Baijan'm'hael or "Attack Leader." Lews Therin mutters about killing the Asha'man.

In his dreams Rand sometimes sees himself as Lews Therin and sometimes as another blurred but familiar face.[1] This face seems to surprise Lews Therin as well. The camp prepares to move. Weiramon and Rodrivar Tihera, Captain of the Defenders of the Stone, accompany Rand. Rand is sending High Lady Rosana to the north with Gueyam's and Maraconn's men. He is sending Spiron Narettin east with men loyal to others of the Council of Nine. He is sending Tolmeran south with a similar troop.

Rand opens a gateway (getting dizzy again) to north of Illian near the Causeway of the Northern Star and Travels with a large contingent including Marcolin, Weiramon, Maraconn, Gueyam, Aracome, Gregorin Panar, three others of the Council of Nine, Semaradrid, Dashiva, Flinn, Adley and all the Asha'man except Narishma who has not yet returned.

Semaradrid's House Maravin has old alliances with House Riatin. He is also accompanied by Eagan Padros and others of the Illianers who followed Brend. Rand sends Morr into the city and the rest make camp. All the servants including Boreane Carivin were left behind so Hopwil brings refreshments to Rand. Rand mulls over his plans. He wants to get back to Cairhien to deal with the Sea Folk and Cadsuane. He wonders what became of Caraline and Darlin. He thinks Mat and Elayne are in Murandy with the Salidar Aes Sedai. He wants to talk to Nynaeve about cleansing saidin.

Later on, Narishma returns with a bundle.[2] He is angry that Rand did not tell him everything, but Rand insists that he did.[3]

The next morning a thousand men of the Legion of the Dragon join them from Illian. Rand rides Tai'daishar. Dashiva opens a gateway to the Silver Road east of the Nemarellin Mountains. The Silver Road runs north to Lugard and the Gold Road runs north to Far Madding. Rand sends most of the Asha'man out to gather additional forces, but because of the weather it takes several days. Arrivals include High Lords Sunamon and Torean, Bertome Saighan (Colavaere's cousin) and Ailil Riatin (Toram Riatin's sister) of Cairhien, Dalthanes Annallin, Amondrid Osiellin, Doressin Chuliandred who supported Colavaere, each with fifty to a hundred retainers, and High Lady Anaiyella. Finally, after eight days, Davram Bashere arrives. When Bashere asks, Rand explains that he would rather pay the butcher's bill with enemies than with friends.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The first appearance of the "third face" (WH,Prologue) who we eventually learn is Moridin. (KoD,Ch18)
[#2] Callandor
[#3] About the wards around Callandor. Did someone else add additional wards? And how did Narishma survive them?

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