TSR: The Breaking Storm

Perri POV#

Perrin wakes the next morning feeling very weak. Faile is in the room with him. He can tell something is wrong and she finally admits that Loial and Gaul disappeared into the Westwood at first light. He knows they are going to the Waygate and wants to stop them thinking that it is his responsibility. He gets up and Faile tries to stop him. They wind up falling down the stairs of the Winespring Inn and Marin al'Vere walks in. Perrin eventually convinces them to let him leave the inn. Perrin and Faile wait out front until Hu and Tad bring out Stepper and Swallow. They ride to the far end of the village where everyone is gathered. Verin and Alanna have evidently just Healed Jon Thane and another man. Tomas and Ihvon are there. Tomas tells Perrin that the men were attacked by a lone Trolloc. Bain and Chiad run out of the woods and report that there are about five hundred Trollocs behind them. Perrin has Bran al'Vere, Tam al'Thor and Abell Cauthon organize their defenses. Cenn Buie, Hari Coplin, Darl Coplin and Bili Congar salute him. He sees Verin and Alanna examining the stones for the catapults. Dannil and Ban lead all the young men of Perrin's band. Dannil and Tell are still limping from injuries because the Aes Sedai only had enough strength to Heal the most seriously injured. He sees Leof Torfinn carrying a wolf-head banner. He tells Perrin that Milli Ayellin gave it to him because Wil al'Seen did not want to carry it. Some time passes, then a horn sounds and the Trollocs charge out of the Westwood led by three Fades. The archers and catapults fire. Perrin now understands what the Aes Sedai were doing. The stones from the catapults explode when they land. The defenses work and all the Trollocs are killed before they even reach the outskirts of the village. Perrin and Tomas concur that this was not a serious attack. It was a test of their defenses and resolve. As the village celebrates the victory, Perrin hears a clamor from the Old Road to the south.[1]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is the Tinker band. They were also attacked.

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