TSR: Into the Palace

Elayne POV#

The morning after TSR,Ch52 Elayne, Nynaeve and Egeanin ride to the Panarch's Palace in a wagon led by Bayle Domon and twenty men. Their ruse is to deliver more ice peppers for Amathera. Thom and Juilin have been out spreading rumors to start another riot. At the palace they are questioned by Carridin and his Whitecloaks but they are allowed to pass. The three women carry baskets of ice peppers to the kitchen. Marillin is there feeding a cat, but she is too absorbed to sense them. In the pantry, the three change into servant's clothes. They get the breakfast tray for 'Lady' Ispan. They split up with Nynaeve going to the museum and Elayne and Egeanin going after Amathera. They enter her room and see that Temaile is there. Elayne slams her to a wall with Air knocking her out. They convince Amathera that they are friends, but she is still petulant and sulky. They have to force her to cooperate as they sneak out.

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Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve goes to the museum and finds the sad bracelets. Just then a maid enters and Nynaeve recognizes her as Moghedien.

They attack each other and are evenly matched. Moghedien is furious that Nynaeve has ruined her plans and vows to make her pay. She says she will give Nynaeve to Rahvin even though he already has a pretty little queen.[1] She says the Black Ajah women have a number of useful items.[2] Seeing the sad bracelets, Moghedien tells her about it. It is made of cuendillar so it cannot be destroyed. A woman can control a man, but he will still go mad and back flow will eventually give him control, too. Two women can use the bracelets but that lessens control. The sad bracelets were made after the Bore was sealed, but Moghedien learned about them in her research after she broke free. She was two hundred years old when the Bore was opened, young for Aes Sedai. Nynaeve throws the sad bracelets at her breaking her concentration and finally shields her. She ties off the shield and ties up Moghedien with Air and retrieves the sad bracelets, then goes to the glass case. At first she does not see the seal, but then realizes it has been disguised as another figurine. She takes the seal as well. As she turns to go, she sees Jeaine pointing the fluted black rod at her. She jumps aside as a bar of balefire destroys much of the museum. When she looks up Jeaine Caide is nowhere in sight. Moghedien is gone, too.[3] Nynaeve is mystified about how she could have escaped. Still wondering, she goes to meet Elayne and Egeanin.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Queen Morgase
[#2] Which ones?
[#3] Once Nynaeve tied off the shield, Moghedien could unravel it. She verifies this in LoC,Ch12. Rand does the same in LoC,Ch55. Lanfear also hints at this in TSR,Ch58. If the shieldee is much stronger than the shielder, the shield can also be broken by brute force. (TSR,Ch35)

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