ToM: Return to Bandar Eban

Min POV#

Rand and Min arrive in Bandar Eban with two Maidens, Lerian and Heidia, and Naeff. The city is terrible, full of filth, illness and starvation. Rand sent Tam and an Asha'man to the Two Rivers to gather them for the Last Battle. Min has viewings:

  • Dark clouds pushed away by the sunlight's warmth. Rand, a brilliant white sword held in his hand, wielded against one of black, held by a faceless darkness.
  • Trees, growing healthy and full.
  • An inn in the Two Rivers with the mark of the Dragon's Fang inlaid on the door, a sign of victory and hope, not darkness or hate.
  • A silver axe, the man will be a leader in the Last Battle.[1]
  • A woman will be trained in the White Tower and become Aes Sedai.
  • Another man will save her life.

Rand goes to the man Min saw as a leader, Durnham. He was in the King's Guard before the king disappeared and Lady Milisair Chadmar disbanded them. Rand names him Captain and tells him to gather others. He spots Votabek and Redbord. Rand orders Naeff to bring weapons, armor and uniforms from the Stone. The men agree that Lain will not pay them so they will work for Durnham. In an hour Rand has five hundred soldiers and they have uniforms and armor. Rand then orders Naeff to bring Aes Sedai for Healing the sick. They go to the docks next. The harbor is full of Sea Folk vessels. Iralin still runs the docks. Lady Milisair Chadmar fled an hour after Rand left and the other Council of Merchants members within a day. They go to one of the ships, the Whitecap to speak to the Sailmistress Milis din Shalada Three Stars. There are spills sacks of spoiled grain on the deck. Rand opens a new sack and the grain is fine. Rand names Iralin to the Council of Merchants and orders him to distribute the food. He then names Iralin Steward of the city and Durnham his Captain. Rand says he will spend a day there to get things stable before he leaves.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Perrin?

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