ToM: Men Dream Here

Faile POV#

Lacile and Selande report back to Faile after scouting the Whitecloak camp on the excuse of checking on Morgase. Perrin is already asleep. The Whitecloaks respect Galad but they grumble about allying with Aes Sedai. Dannil Lewin is in charge of the Two Rivers men since Tam mysteriously left. He spoke with Grady and Neald. They will be ready to rescue Perrin if necessary.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin practices with Hopper in the wolf dream. Hopper challenges Young Bull and he learns. The violet dome still covers the Jehannah Road and Perrin wonders why there instead of Dragonmount where there are many more wolves.[1] Hopper tricks Perrin many times. Perrin says he needs to learn faster. Hopper is worried, but he takes Perrin to Caemlyn where they can find the nightmares of men. Perrin falls into a woman's nightmare dreaming of a monster Rand. Knowing it is Rand, Perrin does well resisting the nightmare.

He wants to find another but Hopper says the moment is here. The Last Hunt begins or does not. The decision will be made. They go to Dragonmount and there is a huge storm and lots of wolves. Perrin is drawn to the clouds above. Hopper cannot follow any higher. When he is a dozen feet from the top Perrin sees a faint reflection of Rand in the real world. Tendrils of black wrap around him. Suddenly, a sliver of light comes out and the web of black begins to crack. Then it explodes in brilliant light and the storm vanishes. Rand stands in the middle of the light and the wolves howl in victory. The Last Hunt has come.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because it is part of Graendal's trap for Perrin.

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