ToM: A Good Soup

Siuan POV#

Siuan and Egwene meet with Nynaeve discussing Rand and the events since she has been gone. The soup they are eating is good as the ingredients came from Caemlyn.[1] Nynaeve and Siuan say there is mistrust in the Tower because of the murders but Egwene assures them it was much worse under Elaida. Siuan has been training some Aes Sedai with the dream ter'angreal. Siuan also set up a meeting with the Windfinders. Egwene will contact the Wise Ones. They will set up a trap that Mesaana must fall into.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin practices against nightmares in the wolf dream and manages to overcome them. Hopper approves but Perrin must still be stronger to fight Slayer. In both the real world and the wolf dream wolves are running north for the Last Battle.

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Gawyn POV#

The cloud cover over Caemlyn broke when Rand was at Dragonmount and the Rose March is in bloom. Gawyn and Elayne walk through the garden where they met Rand. Galad chided him when he fell into the pond here. Birgitte leads the guard.

Gawyn toys with the assassin's knife he found when a woman gasps. Dimana, one of the Kin, leads several other women, one named Marille was a former damane. Marille says the knife is a Bloodknife carried by the elite Seanchan assassin Bloodknives. Gawyn demands to talk to any Seanchan officers to learn more. They bring Kaisea, a sul'dam of the Low Blood. Kaisea tells him Bloodknives wear ter'angreal rings that blur them into shadow but slowly kill them. Gawyn is debating what to do when a servant brings a letter from Tar Valon. It is a letter from Egwene demanding that he return. Instead, he sends back a message about the Bloodknives.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] ??
[#2] Egwene will not get the message. (ToM,Ch35, ToM,Ch38)

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