ToM: A Terrible Feeling

Faile POV#

Berelain walks with Faile and Alliandre and wonders what Perrin is planning. The trial is in two days. Despite ten thousand refugees leaving, even more have joined and Tam is busy leading their training. Neither Berelain nor Alliandre understands Perrin's motives. Faile is still angry with Morgase, now because she will judge Perrin. Suddenly all the weapons in the camp start flying through the air, another bubble of evil. A knife attacks Berelain and Faile helps her drive it into the ground whereupon it stops. They soon figure out that soil stops the weapons and begin throwing dirt at them. Sulin barely saves herself.

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Morgase POV#

Morgase and Galad discuss her imprisonment and Valda. She is certain he was behind Niall's death. They talk about justice. Galad still thinks Perrin is Shadowspawn but she insists that he is a good man. Morgase is surprised that Galad ran into Elayne in Ghealdan.[1] She discusses examples of how right and wrong are not black and white such as when she mistakenly executed Tham Felmley. She drives home that sometimes a good person can do wrong. A Whitecloak[2] enters with a message that Perrin is asking to push back the trial because of a disturbance. With his mother's words to think on, Galad agrees.

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Perrin POV#

Gaul walks with Perrin. His arm is in a sling. Thousands were wounded. Healing will take days. Aravine reports that Galad will think about delaying the trial. Tam and Elyas are out scouting nearby villages to make sure they were not attacked. Perrin wonders why his hammer did not come alive.[3] Tam jogs up. He says something has happened and he has to leave. It is about Rand. Perrin sees Rand walking the Stone of Tear. Tam promises to be there at the Last Battle and heads off to pack.[4]

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Elayne POV#

Complying with Melfane's order, Elayne has a makeshift bed carried atop the city wall near the road to Aringill to see the dragons. News from Cairhien is that all the noble Houses claim to be eagerly awaiting her, Daes Dae'mar fully in effect. She has to find a way to take the Sun Throne without getting into their politics. On the tower Aludra waits with a model dragon. Mat explained that all she wants is vengeance on the Seanchan. Elayne remembers her from Luca's circus. She intends to have Norry keep an eye on her. She heard the first tests last night. Birgitte waits with her while the test is set up. Dummies are set up on a far hill. She has another copy of the foxhead medallion with her. The test proceeds and the dragon goes off with a thunderous roar. The first shot misses but the second destroys most of the dummies. Elayne and Birgitte are amazed at the potential and Elayne offers Aludra the resources of Andor. Birgitte has a feeling that something terrible has begun.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] When she and Nynaeve were with Valan Luca's circus. (TFoH,Ch16)
[#2] By the description he is Byar.
[#3] Clearly a message that the hammer is not truly a weapon.
[#4] Cadsuane came for him, placing this scene on the same day as TGS,Ch47.

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