ToM: The Pattern Groans

Perrin POV#

Perrin riding Stayer is at the Jehannah Road with Faile, Wil, Seonid and the six Wise Ones[1], Nevarin. Berelain, Annoura Gallenne are also there. Alliandre stayed behind. A patch of the Blight has transplanted there. Mori examined the entire patch. They ride into the patch and find a strange village in the middle. Sulin reports that no one is there. Masuri says that the wood and thatch are something she has never seen. Perrin orders the Wise Ones to burn the whole area.

Later that evening Perrin is reading a copy of The Travels of Jain Farstrider that Gaul found in Malden when he falls asleep and enters the wolf dream. There is the same strange storm in the sky. Hopper, Oak Dancer, Whisperer, Morninglight, Sparks and Boundless invite him to hunt. Remembering Noam in Jarra, Perrin refuses then gives in. He starts with a Two Rivers longbow, he is not as good a shot as Jondyn Barran, but then reverts to his wolf form. Hopper chides him again for worrying. Perrin has visions:

  • Mat fighting against himself, a dozen different men wearing his face, all dressed in different types of fine clothing, never seeing the shadowy figure behind him with a bloody knife.
  • Sheep running in a flock toward the woods chased by wolves. A terrible beast waits unseen. Something is wrong with the wolves.[2]
  • Faile, Grady, Elyas, Gaul followed by thousands all walk toward a cliff.[2]

Perrin scents a stag and gives chase. Hunting as a wolf he brings down the stag but Hopper knocks him away before he can kill. He says that they hunt but do not kill. Death here is final. Perrin agrees to let Hopper teach him his way.

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Galad POV#

Galad rides Stout through the camp near the Jehannah Road. They plan to continue north to avoid the Seanchan and the Dragon Reborn's armies. He ordered the Questioners to disperse among the other Children of the Light. Lords Captain Vordarian, Golever and Harnesh ride with him. Galad is sending a letter to the other Questioners who did not follow Asunawa commanding them to report to him. The other Lords Captain are uncomfortable with Galad's plan to ally with the Aes Sedai to fight the Last Battle. Byar returns early from scouting. They captured dozens of prisoners on the Jehannah Road. Galad orders Bornhald to separate and question them. Their leader is Basel Gill . He tells a story that he is heading to Ebou Dar to trade with a merchant Falin Deborsha. Bornhald soon returns and reports that their leader is Perrin, the man who killed his father.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The other five are Carelle, Edarra, Delora, Janina and Marline.
[#2] We learn what this means in ToM,Ch24, ToM,Ch34, ToM,Ch40.

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