ToM: Choosing Enemies

Elayne POV#

Elayne listens to dragons firing as she sits on the Lion Throne for a formal audience. Dyelin sits nearby. Several High Seats wait in the sitting room. After the demonstration when Birgitte and visiting Cairhienin nobles return, she nods to Guybon who brings in Arymilla, Elenia and Naean. She strips them of their titles and estates, taking them for the Crown, then they are led to the side.

Birgitte brings in the Cairhienin, including Bertome Saighan and Lorstrum Aesnan, the two most important. Bertome was cousin to Colavaere who received similar punishment from Rand. There are also Ailil Riatin, Lord and Lady Osiellin, Lord and Lady Chuliandred, Lord and Lady Hamarashle and Lord Mavabwin. Elayne hints at stability for Cairhien and alliances and the nobles take the bait. She will make some the nobles stewards over the lands she just took by forfeit. She then offers Elenia a chance for a new start. There would be lands available if there is unification between Andor and Cairhien. She tells the Cairhienin that she will need authority to close such a deal and they eagerly offer to make arrangements.

After the others have left Birgitte expresses her confusion. Dyelin and Morgase sit beside Elayne. Morgase pours Tremalking black tea. They explain that Elayne captured the favor of Bertome and Lorstrum by setting up an opportunity for one of them to eventually take both thrones. They are the most powerful in Cairhien since Dobraine has not returned. She has chosen her enemies and knows who to watch out for. They will plot against her but it will be many years before they can safely move. They wait for the Cairhienin nobles to return via gateway to close the deal.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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