ToM: Something Wrong

Egwene POV#

Gawyn enters Egwene's tent at the Field of Merrilor wearing his Warder cloak. Elayne's army is arriving. Perrin has not agreed to meet with her; Gawyn thinks he will take Rand's side. He has a huge army including the Whitecloaks and Galad is their leader. Egwene is glad that Gawyn obeys her orders now. She has a constant fight with the Hall over control. They prepare to meet Elayne. Outside, Bryne's soldiers build a palisade. She sees a small force that Gawyn confirms are farmers.[1] Darlin came from Tear bringing Aiel and there is a contingent from Illian as well. Cairhienin are with the Andorans and a large number of the Band of the Red Hand. She sent an offer to King Roedran but he has not arrived. There are flags of Ghealdan and Mayene with Perrin's army. A procession is heading toward them flying the Lion of Andor. Gawyn suddenly takes off toward the procession at a run and falls to his knees. Egwene can see that the rumor she heard is true. Morgase is still alive. She will wait a moment for their reunion before greeting Elayne. There is a sudden break in the clouds and blue sky appears. Rand has arrived.

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Androl POV#

Androl, Emarin, Evin and Canler futilely try to open a gateway but the weaves just dissolve.[2] Androl has skill at gateways that Logain thought impressive and Taim thought impossible, but he cannot open one either. Androl runs into Norley as he returns to the village. Norley says that Mezar has changed. It is not really him. Mezar returned a few days ago with a message that Logain was well and Taim raised him to full Asha'man. He now spends his time with Coteren and the others. Norley waves at Mishraile as they pass a group of practicing soldiers but Mishraile ignores him. They pass Mezar who smiles. Androl sees the same thing. Mezar seems not quite alive.[3] He makes his way to where the Red Ajah sisters are staying. He knocks on a door and Pevara answers. She does not really trust him but he tells her something is wrong. He wants to leave as well but they will have to work together. She tells him to come in quickly before Tarna returns.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] These must be the farmers rallied by Almen Bunt. (ToM,Ch1)
[#2] The effect of the second dreamspike.
[#3] Also see ToM,Ch53. What has happened to him? Is this something that was hinted at in TDR,Ch22?
[#4] Like Mezar, Tarna has been turned. (ToM,Ch53)

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