A wide grassland surrounded by forest near the border of Shienar. There are ruins of a tower fortress across the north of the field. It is a large triangular area of Shienaran grassland, bounded on two sides by converging rivers — the Mora River and the Erinin River — and on the other by woods. The grass is broken by Dashar Knob, a rocky outcrop about a hundred feet high, with cliff walls, and on the Arafellin side of the Mora River the Polov Heights, a flat-topped hill about forty feet high, with gradual slopes on three sides and a steeper slope on the river side. Southwest of Polov Heights lies an area of bogs, and nearby, the Mora River's shallows, known as Hawal Ford, a convenient crossing place between Arafel and Shienar. There is an Ogier grove nearby, opposite some old stone ruins to the north.

There is a map of the Field of Merrilor in A Memory of Light hc p. 604.

References (Possible Spoilers)#

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  2. In A Memory of Light
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