ToM: Blood in the Air

Mat POV#

Shouting for help, Mat ducks an attack, grabs his ashandarei and slashes the tent wall to escape. He holds out the foxhead medallion as the gholam follows. The gholam tells Mat that the one who now controls him wants Mat more than anyone.[1] It taunts Mat with Tylin's death and says he has been ordered to kill others as well, Thom, Noal and Tuon. The gholam attacks, but the knife flies out of its hand and something yanks Mat out of range. Teslyn saved him. Next she throws furniture at it. The gholam flees, killing Gorderan and Fergin as it makes its escape. Fearing for Olver, Mat rushes back into his tent. Lopin is dead along with his two guards, Riddem and Will Reeve. Mat remembers Nalesean and the others who died before. Slone Maddow reports that Olver is with Noal.

An hour later Olver is with Teslyn and Mat meets with Thom and Noal. He tells them what the gholam said. It killed another guard Derry and interrogated him. Mat says they will have to hunt it and kill it. They cannot have it following them to the Tower of Ghenjei. They need to leave as soon as his word to Verin is up. He also needs to talk to Elayne about Aludra's dragons. He will write a stronger letter. There is a commotion outside and Joline enters with Fen and Blaeric. She announces that she will be leaving for the White Tower tomorrow. Mat will give her horses as well.

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So who is it that now controls the gholam? The working assumption is that it was originally Sammael and that the gholam continued working on his orders after his death.

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