ToM: Partings, and a Meeting

Mat POV#

After the gholam attack Mat spends the night under Aludra's supply wagon. He starts to look for Lopin then remembers that he is dead. Juilin finds him. He wants to take Thera to Tar Valon with the Aes Sedai. He would prefer his home in Tear but the Seanchan are too close.

Mat goes to the picket line where Teslyn, Joline and Edesina are preparing to leave. They need horses and supplies from Mat because Elayne turned them away from the palace. Joline rides Moonglow. Edesina rides Firewisp. Bethamin and Seta will go with them. Mat reminds them that Tuon is also a sul'dam.

Mat thinks of Rand learning to channel and sees an image of him shaving in a fine bath chamber.[1] Thom arrives. Egeanin and Bayle Domon ride up. They will go to Tar Valon as well. Mat sends some soldiers with them led by Vanin to bring back his horses after the trip. He also gives Joline a basket of sweetbuns. Mat sends a message with them to the Amyrlin, Egwene or Elaida,[2] that he will come to claim what is his.[3] Setalle Anan will be staying with Mat.

After they leave, Mat confides to Thom that the sweetbuns contain sprinklewort that will turn Joline's mouth blue. They go to talk to Setalle. She is overseeing some of the meal preparation while the cook Noram is in Caemlyn shopping for provisions. He asks her to look after Olver while he and Thom are gone. She agrees and he promises to find someone to make a gateway so she can return to Ebou Dar and find her family.

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Elayne POV#

Elayne is in the Sunrise Garden with Birgitte. Birgitte chides her for being out in the open where someone could assassinate her but Elayne is convinced that she is safe because of Min's viewing that her babies will be born healthy.[4] Elayne says she feels bad for Vandene, Sareitha and the men who died rescuing her. There was no way they could anticipate Chesmal's arrival.

Sumeko and Alise arrive. No more of the Kin have mysteriously disappeared since Careane was killed. They say that the Kin are now doing well. They cannot return to Ebou Dar but Sumeko says they will go to Tar Valon as Nynaeve and Egwene promised. Elayne says the ones who want to become Aes Sedai can go but the rest of the Kin may remain in Caemlyn. Elayne says she will support them if they agree to provide Traveling and Healing. The Kin will receive half the charge for Traveling but Healing will be free. Andor has the favor of the White Tower and the Dragon Reborn so it is the best place for them. They reach a tentative agreement and the Kin leave. Elayne worries what will happen when the Seanchan eventually come for Andor. She must plan how to protect her nation, especially if Rand dies. She thinks she may have to ally with the Black Tower.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This is probably Lady Milisair Chadmar's palace in Arad Doman.
[#2] With the offset of timelines Elaida is still in the White Tower at this point.
[#3] The Horn of Valere. We have not seen it since Verin brought it back to the White Tower. (TDR,Ch11) As far as we know, only Siuan now knows exactly where it is.
[#4] The foreshadowing here is dire.

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