WH: To Lose the Sun

Shalon POV#

Cadsuane leads a party through a gateway in the Sun Palace stableyard to a clearing. Shalon is not allowed into the stableyard until the weave is complete so she will not be able to duplicate it. Shalon accompanies Harine and her swordmaster, Moad. There are eleven other Aes Sedai with Cadsuane - Alanna, Verin, Corele, Daigian, Kumira, Merise, Beldeine Nyram, Elza, Erian Boroleos, Nesune and Sarene. The Warder with them are Ihvon, Tomas, Nethan and Bassane. Eben, Damer and Jahar are also with them.[1] Shalon is not sure if the last three are Warder or not.[2] Harine complains continuously. Cadsuane set very strict conditions for her to be allowed to come along and perhaps see the Coramoor.

Harine demands to know where they are. Shalon wishes she had her sextant, but they are forbidden where shorebound might see. She checks the sun and says they are three or four hundred leagues south. Harine orders Shalon to do whatever it takes to learn Traveling from Cadsuane.

Shalon still must hide her relationship with Ailil. Her husband, Mishael, might divorce her if he found out.

Cadsuane rides up and tells them that they are in the Hills of Kintara near Far Madding. She assigns Sarene to instruct Harine. When they are a mile out of Far Madding, Sarene mentions that the men can no longer channel. She explains that there is a ter'angreal in the city. It blocks men from channeling at this distance. Women are blocked just outside the city. It is like being inside an Ogier stedding. As they approach the lake surrounding the city, Shalon feels herself cut off from the True Source. At the bridge, the guards take their names and wrap wire around all the men's swords so they cannot be drawn. The Warder object, but they are silenced at a sharp word from Merise. Shalon thinks they are like the guard dogs that the Amayar use. The party then rides through the Caemlyn Gate and enters the city. They pass through a square with a statue of Einion Avharin,[3] an historic First Counsel. She points toward the Caemlyn Gate. They continue to ride into the city, but Shalon is still overwhelmed at the loss of the True Source.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Cadsuane does not trust the five sworn to Rand enough to let them bring their Warder. (WH,Ch25)
[#2] They are. (WH,Ch25)
[#3] Einion Avharin shares her family name with a Murandian noble, Segan do Avharin a'Roos. (TPoD,Ch17)

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