WH: What the Aelfinn Said

Mat POV#

Mat, Egeanin, Domon, Renna and Seta go upstairs to the damane kennels. Mat goes to the nearest room that he remembers housing a Windfinder. Mat remembers taking passage on a Sea Folk ship from Allorallen to Barashta. He wakes the woman, Nestelle din Sakura South Star. He frees her from the a'dam and teaches her how to work the clasp. She agrees to wait three hours and then free the other Windfinders. As he goes back out the door, he sees Egeanin talking to the der'sul'dam.[1] She is concerned that Tessi is not fully trained, but Egeanin insists, saying that Suroth gave her permission to use any damane she wants. Mat carefully backs down the stairs and goes to Tylin's rooms to get his ashandarei. When he gets there, he is shocked to see that Tylin is back, two days early. Suroth returned early on hearing news that an army vanished in Murandy.[2] Suroth went directly to The Wandering Woman.

Tylin then kisses Mat to show that she will miss him and slaps him hard for leaving while she was gone. He offers to take her with him, but she scornfully refuses. Her place is in Ebou Dar. They agree to make it look like she fought him, so he ties and gags her. Taking his spear, he goes back to the stableyard. Tuon comes up and tells him he cannot leave. He starts to grab her, but she knocks the spear away and fights back ferociously. After a few moments she begins smiling. Noal grabs her from behind. Mat gags her with her veil and his scarf, then they tie her legs. Juilin arrives with Thera. Egeanin and Domon arrive with Renna, Teslyn, Seta and Edesina. Egeanin is shocked at the sight, saying it is slow death by torture to touch the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Mat is stunned at the name and knows that the Aelfinn told him the truth. He announces that she is his wife. He says this three times.[3] Selucia enters and says she will obey Mat as long as he does not harm her mistress. Otherwise she will kill him. Mat announces that they are taking Tuon with them and Tuon smiles as though she knows a secret.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This must be Essonde.
[#2] Egwene and the Salidar Aes Sedai Traveling to Tar Valon.
[#3] Unknowingly completing half of a Seanchan wedding ceremony! (CoT,Ch28)
[#4] Mat carrying her away is a key component of Lidya's Foretelling. (WH,Ch14, KoD,Ch36)

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