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Pevara POV#

Pedra serves wine to Pevara and Tarna Feir then leaves. Pevara thinks she will be raised to the shawl soon, but Tarna thinks that she will not choose Red. Pevara congratulates Tarna on being raised to Keeper of the Chronicles. She has worn the shawl only twenty years.[1] Pevara is suspicious of everything since Seaine pulled her into the Black Ajah hunt. Elaida trusts Tarna, but she also trusted Galina and Galina showed a special interest in Tarna as a novice. Tarna notes that much has changed since she left the White Tower. Because of Alviarin, everyone is now suspicious of the Keeper and of Elaida. The pictures on Pevara's mantle include Georg, her brother who was twelve when he was killed by Darkfriends. Tarna notes that Pevara is unconventional, being amenable to Warder.

Tarna was so frightened by what she found in Salidar that she reported immediately by pigeon, then nearly rode horses to death to get back as fast as possible.[2] On her way, she ran into six Asha'man recruiting in a village in Murandy. Pevara comments that eyes-and-ears have reported such parties from Saldaea to Tear. Elaida thinks they can all be gentled, but Tarna thinks the Asha'man are now too many and too strong. The only solution is for the Red Ajah to bond them as Warder. Pevara has a message tube from an agent in Cairhien. She is one of only two sisters who has seen it.[3] The message is from Toveine Gazal. Tarna reads the message then says it changes nothing only making her plan more urgent. Pevara says it changes the whole world.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Continuing the trend of unusually young Aes Sedai in positions of high rank.
[#2] Yet in ACoS,Prologue, Elaida does not seem at all concerned by what Tarna wrote in her letter. There seems to be deception of some sort going on here.
[#3] Who is the other? From KoD,Prologue it could be Tsutama Rath as the new Highest but it could also be the head of the Red Ajah eyes-and-ears. And how did Pevara come by it?
[#4] Toveine reported how she and the others were bonded by the Asha'man and that Logain is no longer gentled. (KoD,Prologue) Tarna thinks they must bond the Asha'man even more urgently, but Pevara is not sure who will do the bonding! It is also interesting to note that Tarna's group and the rebels are both planning to approach the Black Tower. (CoT,Ch19)

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