CoT: The Tale of a Doll

Furyk Karede POV#

Karede is in his room in The Wandering Woman with his servant Ajimbura. He has done little this morning beyond saying his devotions to the Empress. He wears his robe in Imperial Green.[1] There are lots of rats around.[2] Ajimbura is a tribesman from Kaensada, a barely civilized part of the empire. Karede has been promoted to banner-general for his limited success against the Asha'man. They are still concerned about the Aes Sedai's unknown weapon.[3] Tuon vanished nine nights ago. She has disappeared twice before as part of her own political maneuverings. He wonders if she fell victim to the Lady of the Shadows. Captain Musenge commands her personal bodyguard. The Seeker enters and Karede covers the map of Tar Valon he has been studying. They are part of Lord Yulan's plans.[3] The Seeker's name is Almurat Mor. His last name indicates his ancestors came over with Luthair Paendrag. Someone has started a rumor of a girl who looks like Tuon extorting gold and jewelry from merchants.[4] Anath is in seclusion. Suroth is distraught. The Seeker has a detailed dossier on Karede. He is forty-two and was born the property of Jalid Magonine in Ancarid. He distinguished himself at the Muyami Uprising and the Jianmin Incident. He served as bodyguard to the Empress until chosen to accompany High Lord Turak and the Hailene. In particular, he served as bodyguard to Tuon and kept a doll of hers named Emela for ten years until it was lost in a fire at Sohima. He has two living sons in the Deathwatch Guard; his wife Kalia is dead. The Seeker then tells him that on the same night as Tylin's death and Tuon's disappearance, two damane[5] disappeared as well as Tylin's pet, Thom and some soldiers. All were known to consort with Aes Sedai. Lady Egeanin Tamarath took the damane. The Seeker suspects that Aes Sedai kidnapped Tuon and that Suroth is in league with them. When Egeanin left the city gates she was heading north and Jehannah was mentioned in the palace stables. However, the Seeker thinks these were misdirections. The Seeker leaves, then Karede calls for Ajimbura and sends him with a message to Captain Musenge.

Afternoon the following day Karede crosses the harbor to the Rahad and rides up the Illian Road on his horse Aldazar.[6] Outside of town he meets Ajimbura who leads him to Captain Musenge. He has a hundred of the Deathwatch Guard and twenty Ogier Gardeners. The First Gardener is Hartha. There are also half a dozen damane and sul'dam including Melitene, Tuon's personal der'sul'dam. One of the damane is Mylen. They set out to hunt down Tuon's kidnappers.[7]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] "Dark Imperial green that some insisted on calling black" sounds exactly like Charleston Green, a paint color commonly used in Charleston, South Carolina, Robert Jordan's home!
[#2] Rampant spread of vermin and decay are a theme of Crossroads of Twilight.
[#3] The explosion that resulted from Elayne's unweaving of the gateway. Evidently Tar Valon is one of their next military targets, a pre-emptive strike to counter the Aes Sedai's new "weapon". (TPoD,Ch6)
[#4] This is a plot by Anath to defame and eventually kill Tuon and replace her with Suroth. (KoD,Prologue)
[#5] Edesina and Teslyn
[#6] Aldazar means "eagle" in the Old Tongue.
[#7] So they are four days behind Mat and company. (CoT,Ch1)

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