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Elayne POV#

There are 147 Kin at the farm and all need to leave to avoid capture and leashing by the Seanchan. Even the Warder including Jaem help in the preparations. Only the One Power can break most ter'angreal.[1] Elayne is feeling possessive of the *angreal. Careane keeps watch on the hill. After being questioned by Adeleas and Vandene, Ispan now seems meek. Some of the women refuse to go to Andor. Renaile tries to keep the Bowl and the amber turtle but Alise gets them back. Merilille gets the amber turtle.

Elayne makes a gateway, but saidar misbehaves. She attributes it to being tired.[2] Their destination is a Trakand estate run by Master Hornwell about two weeks from Caemlyn. Gareth Bryne taught her to ride near here. Led by Birgitte and Lan, everyone hustles through the gateway and heads for the hills. Elayne starts to take apart the weave so the Seanchan cannot read the residue and learn how. They all ride to distance themselves from the gateway. Birgitte and Aviendha stay with her. The Seanchan start to attack. They ride off and, just as they reach crest of hill, a damane shields Elayne. The gateway explodes leveling the ground for hundreds of yards and injuring many.[3] Her horse, Lioness, is dead. Birgitte's own horse is gone, running fit to win the Wreath of Megairil.[4] Neither Elayne nor Aviendha can Heal well. Elayne thinks they have new weapon but Aviendha says anything can happen, explosion, light, or nothing.

Elayne and Aviendha agree to become first-sisters. Lan and Nynaeve ride up.

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Chulein POV#

Chulein, a morat'raken, is riding her raken, Segani. Tauan and Macu were killed by fireballs from the Kin. There are six sul'dam with damane on the ground. High Lady Suroth is on her way from Amador to Ebou Dar. Chulein's co-rider is Eliya. They never saw fireworks before but damane make similar displays called Sky Lights. The explosion of the farm rocks them knocking off Eliya. Chulein barely gets Segani under control. Chulein is lucky to have escaped the Lady of the Shadows.[5] She heads back to Ebou Dar to report this new Aes Sedai weapon.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] So what broke the control statue ter'angreal in the Panarch's Palace?
[#2] Actually it was overuse/misuse of the Bowl of the Winds. Robert Jordan explained that the Bowl was stressed far, far beyond its original design parameters because of the advanced knowledge of the Windfinders. It was affecting a global pattern, when it was designed for only a small region. Men helping would not have changed anything, and the effects linger most strongly near Ebou Dar, but also along the "spokes" which radiated from that place.
[#3] The gholam evidently loses them as it stays in Ebou Dar to go after Mat. After the death of Sammael, it is not at all clear who is giving orders to the gholam. (WH,Ch16)
[#4] Another throwaway line from Birgitte's past lives.
[#5] The Lady of the Shadows is a Seanchan term for death. (Crossroads of Twilight,Glossary)
[#6] The threat of this new "weapon" will lead to plans for a pre-emptive strike at the White Tower. (CoT,Ch4, TGS,Ch40)

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