KoD: In Malden

Faile POV#

Just before dawn, Faile, Maighdin and Alliandre finish dressing. Dairaine enters and notices something amiss. She is Sevanna's pet so they tie her up. Bain and Chiad wait outside along with thirty or forty other gai'shain including Aravine, Lusara, Alvon, Theril, Alainia, Dormin and Corvila. She sends them away[1] and promises herself that she will come back with an army from her father, Perrin or Rand to rescue them. Bain and Chiad agree to hold Dairaine Saighan. She wonders if Rolan is nearby. Bain tells her to tell Gaul that Chiad is gai'shain to Manderic, a strong man. Faile, Maighdin and Alliandre head into Malden and find Arrela and Lacile.

They enter the iron gates and head south. Faile retrieves the binder and they head to Galina's meeting place. They meet Galina who leads them down to the cellar of a burned out building. As soon as she has the binder, Galina hurries up the stairs and half the building collapses trapping them. Galina is gone. They try to dig their way out but make little progress. Faile hears wolves.[2] They get to the point that they can see the red rag Galina tied at the door. Faile convinced Maighdin to try to channel to make it move as a signal for help. She slowly succeeds in making it move.

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Galina POV#

Galina makes her way out of Malden. She hears wolves howl and sees fog building and realizes Perrin is beginning his attack. She would like to kill Therava but she is too afraid of her. She heads to her stash of supplies and then she will be gone and free.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Fortunately Theril will ignore her order and follow anyway. (KoD,Ch29)
[#2] Perrin's signal

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