KoD: The Last Knot

Perrin POV#

From the ridge top west of Malden Perrin studies the town and the surrounding camp. Neald did a good job with the thick fog. He expects Faile and her companions to be heading to the fortress. He goes back to Dannil Lewin, Jori Congar and Balwer. Balwer reports that Masema is nearby though he and his twenty thousand men are supposed to be beyond the eastern ridge. Haviar and Nerion are with Balwer so Masema will not see them. Perrin sends Basel Gill , Lamgwin, Breane and Lini north with all the carts, servants and provisions. They agree, though they do not want to leave Maighdin. They are to find the Jehannah Road, drop off Alliandre's people in Jehannah, then head east. Perrin will catch up with them when Faile is rescued. Gallenne and Arganda lead their respective forces. Even Tylee thinks Perrin has a good plan.

Sulin arrives and announces that the Shaido sentries to the north are dead. Elienda and Briain were killed and Aviellin needs Healing. A party of people approaches: Annoura, Masuri, Berelain, Masema, Aram and the six Wise Ones including Edarra, Janina, Carelle and Nevarin.[1] The Wise Ones have learned Healing so Janina goes with Sulin to help Aviellin. When Masema mentions the Lord Dragon, Perrin sees an image of Rand, Min and a tall Asha'man.[2] Rand's left hand is gone. Masema left Nengar in charge of his army. He intends to keep an eye on Perrin. A gateway opens and Neald comes through with Gueye Arabah, a lieutenant to Tylee. He reports that the two new bands of Shaido[3] will arrive about noon. The wolves howl so the attack begins.

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Faile POV#

Maighdin is exhausted from trying to channel and Faile is tired from encouraging her. The red rag continues to move occasionally. Then they see Aravine's face at the door. Theril followed them, saw Galina leave and the building collapse, and ran for help when he saw the rag move. Faile, Alliandre, Maighdin, Arrela and Lacile stand clear as Rolan and two other Mera'din[4] clear the rubble. Faile intends to tell Rolan about Dairaine so he will let her go.

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Perrin POV#

The fog still holds though it is midmorning. A gateway opens and Grady comes through followed by Tam al'Thor and a bunch of other new Two Rivers men including Hu Barran and Tad Barran, Bar Dowtry, Thad Torfinn, Oren Dautry, Jon Ayellin, Kev Barstere, Marwins, al'Dais, al'Seens, Coles, Thanes, al'Caars and Crawes. There are men from Deven Ride, Watch Hill and Taren Ferry as well as many outlanders who settled in the Two Rivers. Tam will be the commander for the campaign over Arganda and Gallenne. Perrin sends Grady to join Mishima.

Tam tells Perrin that Mazrim Taim visited the Two Rivers and took forty men and boys to the Black Tower. He told Tam that Rand is the Dragon Reborn.

There is an alarm, a Shaido raiding party is headed toward them from the camp. Perrin is focused on the city gates. Perrin and Aram walk out of the fog and let themselves be seen. Then the Ghealdanin and Mayener lancers ride out. The Shaido warriors start forward and send out flanking forces. When they are in range, Tam gives the order and the Two Rivers bowmen begin cutting them down. There is some channeling from the Shaido camp, but only a few of the Wise Ones are still able. The sul'dam and damane to the north and south begin taking out the Shaido flankers. Annoura, Masuri and the Wise Ones who have been defending against the Shaido Wise Ones now begin attacking as well. Perrin feels the thrill of battle that he discussed with Elyas. He heads down the slope toward the town gates with Aram, fighting their way through the remaining algai'd'siswai. Nothing will keep him from Faile.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The other two are Delora and Marline. (TPoD,Ch9)
[#2] Probably Logain.
[#3] The Morai and White Cliff septs. (KoD,Ch5)
[#4] Kinhuin and Jhoradin (KoD,Ch30)

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