LoC: Possibilities

Egwene POV#

Egwene wonders how Rand knows that she is in Salidar and knows Traveling.[1] None of them are sweating; Siuan finally taught them the trick which is just a special way of concentrating. Egwene thinks the Band of the Red Hand might be just the gift she needs.[2] Chesa has been putting cushions on her chair even though after two days in Salidar she does not really need them any longer. Nynaeve gets angry and kicks Mat. Mat threatens her and clearly scares her.[3] Egwene tells him that he is in trouble. Gareth Bryne's men will think his army is Dragonsworn. She warns him to keep his mouth shut and walk small, then dismisses him. As he leaves, Mat asks if Thom is around.[4]

The Warder reported that Mat's band is now six or seven thousand. Egwene explains her plan to Elayne and Nynaeve. She thinks that Mat made a promise to Rand so he will have to stay near Elayne. Elayne really wants to study the mysterious ter'angreal that Mat used. Egwene saw her flows just melt away when they touched him. Elayne and Nynaeve now plan to join Merilille in Ebou Dar. Egwene will send Mat along with them. Thom, Juilin and Birgitte will go as well. Egwene is convinced that Birgitte is the real Birgitte, but she still cannot talk about it with Elayne and Nynaeve because of their promise.

Sheriam knocks and enters. Elayne goes to find Aviendha. Nynaeve goes to talk with Janya about lost Talents. They have gotten little help on that from Moghedien. They know Aligning the Matrix makes metals stronger, but Moghedien is even poorer at that than at Healing. They do not even know what Spinning Earthfire or Milking Tears are. Siuan taught them the trick of not feeling heat so they know that Moghedien lied about it.[5] Egwene tells Sheriam that Rand sent Mat's army to bring them all to Caemlyn and swear oaths of fealty. Sheriam is worried that Romanda or Lelaine will use this to undermine her. The only Sitter that clearly supports Sheriam is Delana.[6] Sheriam reluctantly agrees that they have to move because of the Band of the Red Hand. Amadicia is west and moving toward Ebou Dar would upset Tylin. The Band of the Red Hand is east so the only direction open to them is north, toward Tar Valon. The Aes Sedai are very impressed that Egwene rediscovered Traveling. Only a few are strong enough to open a gateway. Romanda suggested using a gateway to go to the White Tower and steal the Oath Rod and certain other items for the Aes Sedai ceremony.[7] Egwene wonders aloud what will happen if Rand and some of his channeling men show up in Salidar. Sheriam is clearly upset at the thought. Tabitha brings in tea. Sheriam reluctantly agrees that they must move north.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because of spying on her meeting at the Heart of the Stone in LoC,Ch32.
[#2] To help goad the Salidar Aes Sedai into motion.
[#3] And Nynaeve will avoid Mat for the next two books.
[#4] So he can deliver Moiraine's letter. (LoC,Ch33)
[#5] Moghedien told them it comes from long use of the One Power. (LoC,Ch12)
[#6] At Halima's orders.
[#7] This is the one and only mention of anything but the Oath Rod being used in the ceremony.

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