LoC: Beyond the Gate

Perrin POV#

As Perrin leaves, Rand calls upon a Maiden to tell Sulin to prepare rooms for Perrin and Faile and to obey them as they would him. Perrin sees Davram Bashere down the hall. They go to a sitting room and talk about Zarine. Bashere mentions a "Broken Crown"[1] which Perrin knows nothing about. Bashere learns that Zarine wants to be called Faile and that she is a Hunter of the Horn. Bashere challenges Perrin, threatening to kill him, but Perrin stands up to him. Bashere takes Perrin to his wife, Deira Bashere, and Faile. Perrin hears the two fighting, but it stops when the men enter the room. Deira Bashere also tries to bully Perrin and again he resists. The Basheres accept Perrin as Faile's husband.

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Rand POV#

After Perrin leaves, Rand thinks that he needs Perrin or Mat in Tear to convince Sammael of the attack. Min enters. Min had been talking with Faile until Bashere came in for her. She says "He's found his falcon, and I wouldn't be surprised if she kills him when the hawk appears." Rand then asks her if she saw anything concerning him. She says "When you two were together, I saw those fireflies and the darkness stronger than ever...But with the two of you in the same room, the fireflies were holding their own instead of being eaten faster than they can swarm, the way they do when you're alone. And there's something else I saw when you two were together. Twice he's going to have to be there, or you...If he's not, something bad will happen to you. Very bad." She reminds him of telling him about Merana meeting with Lord Pelivar. She then returns to The Crown of Roses. Lews Therin starts speaking again. Rand notices that Lews Therin is getting more persistent.

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Demira Eriff POV#

Demira Eriff comes into sight of the Origan Gate, which allows access into the Inner City of Caemlyn. She is Aes Sedai from Arad Doman. She is there to meet Milam Harnder, the Second Librarian in the Royal Palace library. He has been her agent for thirty years. The palace library is not as good as those in the White Tower, Cairhien, or Terhana Library in Bandar Eban, but she is looking for information on the seals.[2] She waits, does not see him, and starts back to The Crown of Roses. She was in Caemlyn some years ago and knows her way around. Stevan is her Warder. She enters an alley, apparently trying to take a shortcut back to the inn. She notes that cats seem to sense Aes Sedai and not be afraid. Dogs will growl at an Aes Sedai, then slink away. She rounds a corner to find five or six Aiel coming toward her, laughing and talking. They make room for her to pass. One of the faces looks familiar, that of a squat fellow with villainous eyes. As she passes, a spear stabs her. She tries reaching for saidar, but she is stabbed again and passes out while a man with black eyes says something to her.[3]

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Perrin POV#

Perrin and Faile leave her parents' quarters. Sulin is outside waiting for them. She leads them to their rooms. They pass several Maidens on the way there. When they make it to their rooms, Sulin shows them where everything is. Perrin presses a gold crown into her hand and asks her to leave. Perrin asks Faile "what is a broken crown?"[1] She switches topics and says that Rand has left the Palace. Perrin asks how she knows and she says that Bain and Chiad taught her some handtalk. Faile then suggests that she spy on Rand. Perrin makes her promise not to do that.

Demira Eriff POV#

Demira awakes in her room in The Crown of Roses. Stevan, who is from Cairhien, is sitting nearby. Merana is on one side of the bed and Berenicia, of the Yellow Ajah is on the other. They tell Demira how they found her. It seems some man came into the common room and asked for an ale. He then went on, describing Demira exactly and says that some Aiel were following her and were planning to kill her. Stevan then felt her being stabbed and they went off to find her. Demira remembers the message she was told: "Tell the other witches to stay away from the Dragon Reborn." Mistress Cinchonine is the innkeeper of The Crown of Roses. They start discussing how they should deal with the situation when Verin enters. She takes charge from Merana. Verin's eyes are particularly penetrating. They plan to punish Rand by ignoring him. Demira is upset that her research on the seals is postponed.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The crown of the ruler of Saldaea (WH,Prologue) from Min's viewing. (TEotW,Ch15)
[#2] Nesune Bihara, another Brown Ajah sister, is also interested in the seals. (LoC,Ch25) Is this just normal Brown Ajah inquisitiveness or is there something more to it?
[#3] By their description, the men are clearly not Aiel. Who ordered the attack and why are topics of discussion. See the FAQ, Section 1.4.07.

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