LoC: Like Lightning and Rain

Egwene POV#

The next morning Egwene feels refreshed.[1] She goes to Amys' tent where the gai'shain Cowinde, Rodera and Doilan are serving breakfast to the Wise Ones. Rhuarc met the six Aes Sedai yesterday. A Gray Ajah sister is in charge but there are two from the Red Ajah. Egwene knows two of them, Nesune and Sarene, from novice classes. Bair reports that Nesune Bihara is interested in the seals and the Royal Library[2] whereupon Sorilea sends Aeron, Colinda and Edarra to stake out the library. Egwene realizes that the Wise Ones must have tried to watch the Aes Sedai's dreams last night but they were warded. Egwene does not know how to ward her dreams yet. Berelain offered the Aes Sedai rooms in the Sun Palace but they declined. They are staying with a minor noble, Lady Arilyn. Her sigil is two silver stars on red and green stripes. Egwene is certain that she is an eyes-and-ears for either the Gray Ajah or for Coiren Saeldain personally. Two other Wise Ones, Corenla and Tialin are doubtful. Niande Moorwyn of the Gray Ajah was King Galldrian's advisor. She occasionally visited Lady Arilyn at her country estate. She disappeared after Galldrian's death.[3] The Aes Sedai have a hundred guards in the city. Timolan's scouts report that there are four hundred more camped outside. The Wise Ones agree to have Rhuarc and Mandelain set out scouts to watch for more Aes Sedai.

Egwene goes into the city and finds Lady Arilyn's palace. There are lots of young men in green coats standing guard.[4] Someone is channeling inside. She weaves Air with a little Fire and eavesdrops on the palace overhearing unimportant conversations with servants Alwin Rael and Ceri. The Aes Sedai will have Arindrim wine with lunch. She catches a bit of conversation between the Aes Sedai but learns nothing.

She sees Nesune Bihara leave the palace with her Warder and starts to run. She runs right into Gawyn. He thought she was in Illian.[5] He takes her to a nearby inn, The Long Man. Gawyn thinks Rand killed Morgase and Elayne. Egwene tells him that Elayne is fine. She realizes that her Dream of holding his head means that she will bond him as her Warder.[6] She asks him not to tell the Aes Sedai that she is there. She also asks that he not raise a hand against Rand until she can prove that he did not kill Morgase. Gawyn quickly agrees to both. Gawyn agrees to meet her at the Dragonwall Gate every day.

Egwene leaves and returns to Lady Arilyn's palace. A dark haired Aes Sedai with a hard face enters the house.[7] There is still channeling inside. Egwene wonders what they are up to.

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Katerine Alruddin POV#

Katerine tells Lady Colavaere that they plan to escort Rand to Tar Valon. Afterwards someone will need to rule Cairhien.[8]

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Nesune Bihara POV#

Nesune tells High Lord Meilan that they plan to escort Rand to Tar Valon. Afterwards someone will need to rule Cairhien.[8]

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Sarene Nemdahl POV#

Sarene meets with Coiren and Erian in their palace. She will meet with Aracome tomorrow and she is still working on Berelain.[8] Sarene writes poetry about her Warder Vitalien. Galina enters. They have heard a rumor that a Green Ajah sister was with Rand in Tear and is now here in Cairhien.[9] They think this sister and Moiraine both with Rand. Galina says someone channeled at them this morning. She thinks it was Moiraine using her eavesdropping trick. Sarene was a year behind Moiraine and was friends with her. They have heard that she is dead, but they do not believe it. Rand is apparently back in Caemlyn, so they will wait here in Cairhien for him to return. Beldeine arrived today and took a room near the river. Mayam is due in two days.[10] Coiren tells Sarene that it is her turn again. She goes upstairs and begins channeling novice exercises.[10] Idly she wonders if Rand has learned how to Travel.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This raises the ongoing question of her tiredness and headaches. Do her frequent visits to Tel'aran'rhiod contribute?
[#2] Demira Eriff, another Brown Ajah sister, is also interested in the seals. (LoC,Ch46) Is this just normal Brown Ajah inquisitiveness or is there something more to it?
[#3] She reappears with Cadsuane in ACoS,Ch35. What does she do in between?
[#4] The Younglings.
[#5] Because that is what Siuan told him in TSR,Ch47.
[#6] From LoC,Ch15.
[#7] By the description she must be either Galina or Katerine.
[#8] The Aes Sedai are working on various nobles bribing them with offers of power after Rand is gone.
[#9] Egwene
[#10] The Aes Sedai channel constantly. It is preparation for the possibility of having to kidnap Rand and then keep him shielded. (LoC,Ch51) They are also keeping their number secret so he will not suspect that there are more than thirteen.

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