LoC: The Storm Gathers

Nynaeve POV#

In Tel'aran'rhiod Nynaeve spends hours searching Tar Valon but only catches a glimpse of Leane near Southharbor. The tavern has freshly painted blue tables.[1] She also sees Rand momentarily in the square in front of the White Tower.

The next morning she senses bad weather.[2] She and Elayne tell each other of the night's experiences. Elayne worries about Rand. She leaves to teach her novice class. Nynaeve goes to find Marigan, but Nildra has her scrubbing pots and will not let her go. Nynaeve worries about Lan and hopes he is still alive.

She sees Myrelle with Croi Makin and ducks into an inn to avoid her. Logain is there. Also in the room are Lelaine Akashi, a Sitter for the Blue Ajah, and her Warder, Burin Shaeren, standing guard. There are three Altara nobles including Lady Sarena. Logain tells how six Red Ajah sisters found him in Cosamelle a year before he declared.[3] They told him to follow their orders or they would kill him. Javindhra was their leader and Barasine was another. Elaida knew about it. One of the nobles recalls that Raolin Darksbane and Guaire Amalasan's followers attacked the White Tower after they were taken. Nynaeve wonders if the Red Ajah also set up other false Dragons such as Gorin Rogad and Mazrim Taim. Lelaine notices Nynaeve who quickly leaves.

Outside Siuan and Bryne are fighting. He orders her to tell Sheriam to stop avoiding him. It is time to start moving. Bryne leaves and Leane walks up. They ignore Nynaeve as they exchange information then both leave.

Lelaine comes out and questions Nynaeve about Rand, Perrin, Mat and Egwene. The topic turns to Nynaeve's study of Siuan and Leane. No Aes Sedai has been stilled in a hundred and forty years and no one accidentally burned out in over a dozen. Nynaeve tells her that Sheriam gave her permission to study them. Lelaine then dismisses her.

She sees Dagdara Finchey and that fuels her anger. The Yellow Ajah sisters, especially Nisao Dachen, will not teach her about Healing. She sees an unfamiliar Aes Sedai ride by with a Warder. She passes by Uno who grins at her. He is now one of Gareth Bryne's officers. She thinks about leaving Salidar and wishes that Thom and Juilin were back. They have been gone over a month scouting Amadicia. Nynaeve finds herself at Elayne's novice class. Elayne is teaching a class of twenty including Tabiya and Nicola. Tabiya was one of eighteen novices that Sheriam and the others took from the White Tower.

Theodrin walks up to Nynaeve and warns her about avoiding their meetings to work on her block. Theodrin has been raised to a position above Accepted, but not yet full Aes Sedai. Theodrin was a wilder with a block as well. She could make men do what she wanted,[4] but she could only channel when there was a man around. Sheriam broke her block by setting her up with a cute stable hand named Charel, then substituting his twin sister Marel. Myrelle asked her to make special efforts on Nynaeve's block.[5]

Nynaeve returns to her room and soon Moghedien shows up. She is furious about having to wash pots. Night laborers in Tojar[6] were treated better. Moghedien gives Nynaeve a lesson on detecting men channeling.[7] After a while Elayne returns with news. The Aes Sedai Nynaeve saw is an emissary from the White Tower. Faolain told Elayne that she is Tarna Feir of the Red Ajah. She is meeting with the Sitters. They both wonder what her message is. Nynaeve's sense of bad weather lasts for days.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Some sort of Blue Ajah signal.
[#2] Her weather sense often picks up coming trouble.
[#3] Though never explicitly stated, context makes it clear that this whole story is a lie concocted by Siuan. (see, e.g., TFoH,Ch27, TPoD,Ch15)
[#4] So Theodrin has some ability at Compulsion!
[#5] Is this preparing her for Lan?
[#6] Another cryptic reference to some place in the Age of Legends.
[#7] This is bogus. It is one of Moghedien's attempts at resistance. (ACoS,Ch25)

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