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Moiraine POV#

Rafela and the other sisters begin instructing Siuan and Moiraine on Aes Sedai and Blue Ajah customs. There is long standing animosity between Red and Blue. The Blue Ajah is also a bit at odds with the White and Yellow over something in Altara a hundred years before.[1] The Brown Ajah supports the White against the Blue, but supports the Blue against the Yellow. It is far more complicated than Daes Dae'mar.

Lelaine, Natasia and Anaiya teach them weaves restricted to Aes Sedai such as bonding a Warder and secret weaves known only to the Blue Ajah. Moiraine has her own secret weave that she learned on her own.[2] They also learn the method of concentration to ignore heat and cold.

The turning of the year and the Feast of Lights arrive. All rooms of the White Tower are brightly lit. Moiraine receives invitations from two dozen Cairhienin Houses, but she burns them all. Tamore delivers the first dresses on the first day of the Feast of Lights.

Siuan grows more and more frustrated working for Cetalia. Moiraine's time is spent doing paperwork for distributing the bounty. The day after the Feast of Lights, Ellid tests for the shawl, but she never returns from the oval ring. Elaida returns to Andor. She is as strong as they will eventually become, equal to Lelaine. Lelaine and Siuan get along well while Moiraine and Anaiya become friends. They also resume their Accepted friendship with Leane and also with Adine Canford.

One by one, Meilyn, Kerene, Aisha, Ludice and Valera leave the White Tower to begin their hunt. Siuan develops on interest in her job.[3] Moiraine and Siuan manage to bake pies, but they make Aeldra sick much to Kairen and Anaiya's amusement.

A week after Ellid, on High Chasaline, Sheriam is tested and passes. Siuan is pleased when she manages the sixth kiss; Sheriam is a very good cook. High Chasaline is the Day of Reflection in Cairhien. Siuan wants to include Sheriam in their secret, but Moiraine refuses because she is such a gossip.[4]

Three days later Ryma Galfrey enters the dining hall at breakfast. Weaving Air and Fire to amplify her voice, she announces that Tamra died in her sleep.[5] Moiraine's first thought is how to take advantage, then she regrets it. As personal penance, she wears a very light, inappropriate dress to the funeral to humiliate herself. The next day Sierin Vayu of the Gray Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin and she starts her rule with an iron hand. All male clerks are dismissed from the White Tower. Three sisters are exiled for a year and two are birched. Breaking tradition, she selects Red Ajah sisters, Amira as Mistress of Novices and Duhara as Keeper of the Chronicles.

Moiraine goes to Sierin asking to be relieved of the bounty duty. Sierin agrees, but she commands Moiraine to stay in Tar Valon until she is needed. At this, Moiraine makes up her mind to leave. She says goodbye to Siuan. She shared a rough itinerary so Siuan can find her if needed. She then goes out for a "ride." Kairen, Sheriam and Eadyth note her departure, but she tells them she does not plan to cross a bridge. She rides Arrow to her bank and picks up letters-of-rights and coin from Mistress Dormaile. Guards accompany her to the seamstress where she picks up her dresses from Tamore. She then heads to Northharbor and finds a rivership, the Bluewing. Captain Carney tells her it is the fastest ship on the river. As they leave the dock, Moiraine sees Gorthanes talking to the harbormistress and looking at her ship. She has set off on the grandest adventure ever.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] No idea what this might be.
[#2] Eavesdropping (TEotW,Ch53) Through the books, though, we learn that these "secret" weaves are often not so secret.
[#3] She will eventually take over the job from Cetalia until she is raised to the Amyrlin Seat.
[#4] Sheriam's true loyalties come into question, so this may have been a very lucky move. (TDR,Ch25, TGS,Ch25)
[#5] She was questioned and murdered by the Black Ajah. There is no evidence that Ryma was involved or that she is saying anything but what she believes to be the truth. Still it is coincidental that Chesmal will announce the death of Meilyn. (NS,Ch18)

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