NS: Making Use of Invisibility

Moiraine POV#

The next morning Moiraine and Siuan hire two of Ailene Tolvina's bodyguards. On her recommendation they visit a banker, Kamile Noallin, where Moiraine cashes in one of her letter-of-rights from Ilain Dormaile. Back at The Evening Star, Ailene Tolvina recommends Silene Dorelmin as the best seamstress in Chachin. They pay a visit and Moiraine orders dresses for them both,[1] paying for extra fast service. The next morning Moiraine gets her dresses and by midmorning they arrive at the Aesdaishar Palace as Lady Moiraine Damodred and her maid 'Suki.' As a high ranking noble she is welcomed and given an apartment of three rooms, two serving women and an errand boy.[2] Moiraine asks and is relieved to learn that there are no Aes Sedai in the palace.[3] She still plans to leave as soon as possible in case another Aes Sedai or Gorthanes hears of her presence. Siuan slips out and makes use of her invisibility as a maid. She soon returns with bad news. Ines Demain's husband fell dead ten days ago. He was an older man but she loved him so she will not come out of seclusion for a full month. Moiraine must reveal herself as Aes Sedai to force an interview. Siuan says she will try to talk to one of her servants instead. One of the maids, Aiko, announces the shatayan[4] who has come to escort Moiraine to an interview with Prince Brys. Siuan will go talk to a young footman named Cal.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Moiraine left most of her wardrobe in Canluum. (NS,Ch18) She would have needed new dresses in any case as her old ones were striped as a minor noble, not as a high ranking member of a major House.
[#2] So she and Lan receive equal receptions. (NS,Ch22)
[#3] So Merean must arrive shortly after her. (NS,Ch25)
[#4] Mistress Romera (NS,Ch22)

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