TDR: Punishments

Egwene POV#

Egwene and Elayne are in their novice rooms in the White Tower. They talk to each other through holes in the wall. Faolain bursts in on Egwene and notices her talking to Elayne through the hole.[1] Faolain and the "apple-cheeked Accepted"[2] escort Egwene and Elayne to the Amyrlin's chambers. Along the way they are joined by Nynaeve and her escort, Theodrin. Egwene had not been near the Amyrlin's rooms before. They arrive at the Amyrlin's antechamber and are met by Leane. Leane asks the escorts if the girls gave any trouble. Faolain indicates yes and the other two say no. Leane chides Faolain and sends her to Marris Sedai for punishment. The other two girls also leave. Leane pauses for a moment and then bids them to enter the Amyrlin's study. Siuan is sitting at her desk. Elayne tells Siuan that Liandrin is Black Ajah. Siuan tells them that that is already known and that she and twelve other women[3] left the White Tower some months ago and stole some ter'angreal[4] on the way out. Siuan also tells them that they should be glad that only she, Leane, and Verin know that they had anything to do with Liandrin or they might have been stilled. Siuan says that their punishment is to be assigned to the kitchens, to work with the scullions, until further notice. Siuan says that Egwene and Elayne are to be raised to Accepted.

Morgase was at the White Tower less than a month ago and was furious about Elayne not being there. Morgase refused to take Elaida back with her to Caemlyn. She almost took Galad and Gawyn with her, but they talked her out of it. Morgase demanded that Elayne be returned to Caemlyn as soon as she returned. Siuan has no intention of doing so. Siuan says that Elayne has the potential to be stronger than any Aes Sedai in a thousand years. Siuan then tells Leane to escort Elayne to Sheriam's study. She has a few more words yet with the other two...

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