TDR: A Trap to Spring

Nynaeve POV#

It is the day after Egwene's experiment with the twisted ring and nearing midday. Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are working in the kitchen under the supervision of Laras, Mistress of the Kitchens. Siuan enters and casts a critical eye about. She tries to goad Elayne into speaking, but Egwene speaks first. Siuan asks Laras to give them a lesson and she leads the two of them out leaving Siuan standing beside Nynaeve alone. Siuan tells her that Sheriam found another Gray Man, a female, dead on her own bed.[1] Nynaeve tells her they studied Verin's notes, but that Sheriam or Elaida could have looked at them. She also notes Alanna's weird request for penance. Siuan says Alanna is from Arafel and they sometimes have a weird sense of honor. Nynaeve tells her about the visit from "Else Grinwell" and about the evidence they found pointing to Tear. After a few moments' silence, Siuan responds the Else Grinwell was sent home ten days ago and that all the Black Ajah belongings were burned. Nynaeve asks her about Callandor and that finally rocks her. Siuan tells Nynaeve that Callandor is a powerful sa'angreal and that only a dozen Aes Sedai and a dozen others know what it really is. She tells Nynaeve that the Black Ajah might be after Callandor or they might be after the ter'angreal stash in the Stone of Tear that is almost as great as the White Tower's holding. Siuan asks Nynaeve if Elayne is going with them. It was her plan all along to have Egwene and Nynaeve inveigle Elayne so Siuan could truthfully tell Morgase that she had nothing to do with it. Nynaeve complains about Laras's strictness and lack of compassion. Siuan chides her about her judgement of character, telling her that Laras refuses to do anything that might break a girl's spirit. Siuan leaves and compliments Laras on the way out. Egwene and Elayne return complaining about the taste of soap. Nynaeve tells them they are leaving as soon as they are done with the kitchen.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Which also shows that Sheriam did, indeed, tell her about the first one. (TDR,Ch15)

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