TDR: Bait for the Net

Nynaeve POV#

As Nynaeve walks the streets of Tear, she spots Rand but cannot believe it is really him. She is angry because Egwene is still being a twit even though she stopped using the twisted ring. Nynaeve and Elayne have started having bad dreams, too.[1] She runs into Juilin who acts nervous. He tells her he found the thirteen women, but they are guests of High Lord Samon in the Stone of Tear. They go back to Mother Guenna's house. For once, Nynaeve refrains from patting Gaidin's nose as they enter. She sees Mother Guenna is tied up and suddenly she, herself, is shielded. Liandrin and Rianna walk into the room. Nynaeve punches Liandrin and tries to run, but she is pummeled with blows of Air until she collapses. Egwene and Elayne are already captured. Rianna starts to kill Mother Guenna, but Liandrin says to let her live so she may serve again. They all go to the front room where there are several soldiers. Amico and Joiya are holding Elayne and Egwene. Egwene is unconscious from the beating she took. They all go out front to where a coach is waiting. Nynaeve notes the sigil on it, a silver-gauntleted fist clutching jagged lightning bolts, and assumes it is High Lord Samon's.[2] Juilin is standing by the coach. Nynaeve starts to go for him, but Liandrin says she used Compulsion him. The three of them are pushed into the coach with Liandrin and Rianna. Liandrin tells them they are to be used as bait. She smiles and tells them Be'lal is bringing thirteen Myrddraal. As Nynaeve and Elayne realize what that means they both begin to scream.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] From Be'lal not shielding his dreams. (TDR,Ch53)
[#2] This sigil is seen again in TFoH,Ch34 on the back of Sammael's chair and in KoD,Epilogue in Mazrim Taim's palace. It is not at all clear what that means.

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