TDR: The Falcon

Perrin POV#

As Perrin enters the common room, Orban is still telling his tales. Perrin fetches Loial, gets his own stuff and sneaks out the back of the inn. He goes to the stable to ready Stepper and the other horses. Moiraine, Lan and Loial meet him there and they head to the docks. They board the Snow Goose captained by Jaim Adarra. Just as they cast off, the girl from the inn jumps on board. She tells him the town folk think Gaul escaped by himself. She is a Hunters of the Horn and took the oath with the others in the Square of Tammaz in Illian. She followed Perrin because he was with such an odd party. She thinks they might lead her to the Horn. She saw Orban in Jehannah in the winter and thinks he is not a bad fighter. Orban and Gann think the Horn is in the Forest of Shadows, but she thinks it is in the Mountains of Mist. That was the home of the capital of Manetheren. She learned that the Queens of Manetheren were all Aes Sedai and the Kings were their Warder. She handles knives as well as Thom Merrilin. She says she calls herself "Mandarb," but when Perrin laughs and tells her that is a horse's name, she introduces herself as Zarine Bashere. As Perrin heads for his cabin she says she will call herself "Faile," which means "falcon" and Perrin remembers Min's viewing.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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