TFoH: Fanning the Sparks

Min POV#

It is late summer. The Braem Wood is north of the Andor border. To the southwest is the town of Kore Springs, apparently just inside the Andor border. There is an inn in the town called The Good Queen's Justice. Min, Siuan, and Leane are under guard in a shed. Admer Nem, a local farmer, has accused the three of burning his barn down, with his milk cows in it, and of assault. Logain was with them, and was the one who punched the farmer, but he got away. All of them are using aliases: Min is Serenla, Siuan is Mara, Leane is Amaena and Logain is Dalyn. Logain does not know their true names. They have spent weeks searching for some gathering.[1] Leane starts acting Domani using the makeup kit Laras gave to Min. Leane's Aunt Resara taught her to be seductive. They are taken to the The Good Queen's Justice for trial and find that Gareth Bryne is the lord of the town. They are read charges by a woman named Caralin, which now include theft of a purse with gold and silver (Logain's work). Admer Nem and his wife, Maigan Nem, testify about the attack. They want the women run out of town on a rail, all the way to Jornhill. Bryne decides to recompense the farmer and have the women work for him. The three women swear a very strong oath to work for him. Joni and Thad Haren are other residents here. Siuan worms out of the oath by saying to Min that they will work for him - later. Siuan has met Bryne once before. Siuan tells Min that Serenla means "stubborn daughter" in the Old Tongue. Next time she may call her Chalinda, which means "sweet girl." As Joni is taking the three back to Bryne's manor, Logain rescues them. Min again has a viewing of Logain:

  • a halo flared around his head, a radiant crown of gold and blue.

They ride off, with Siuan on Bela, Leane on Moonflower and Min on Wildrose. They head south.

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Gareth Bryne POV#

The next day Bryne prepares to head out after the three. He had taken notice of "Mara."[2] House Bryne has owned this land for a thousand years. One of the maids in the manor house is Sela. Twenty men await Bryne outside his manor to help catch the women.[3] Joni is Joni Shagrin, who had been Senior Bannerman of the Guards. Barim Halle joins them. Barim brings news from New Braem. "Old" Braem was destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. The news is that the Stone of Tear has fallen to the Aiel and someone drew Callandor. Siuan Sanche was stilled and executed and Elaida is now the Amyrlin. Logain was also killed.[4] Bryne remembers meeting Siuan three years ago.[5] They all head south on the Four Kings Road.

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Alteima POV#

Lady Alteima arrives at the Royal Palace in Caemlyn accompanied by her recently hired maid, Cara. Alteima recalls meeting Morgase five years ago. Tallanvor greets her and escorts her to Morgase then he leaves. Alteima confirms for herself that Morgase has taken a lover. They talk. She tells Morgase that Rand is definitely the Dragon Reborn and that he left Tear with the Aiel. Morgase thought he was heading to Cairhien.[6] They are both aware that Elaida is now Amyrlin. Lord Gaebril walks in. He sends Morgase to her bedchamber then he uses Compulsion to extract Alteima's true reason for coming to Andor. She had to flee Tear because she unsuccessfully tried to poison her husband, Tedosian. He and Estanda are now after her. She chose Caemlyn as the best place to find another wealthy man to reestablish her power.

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Morgase POV#

In her bedchamber, Morgase thinks of Gareth Bryne and unsuccessfully fights Gaebril's compulsion.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Of refugee Blue Ajah members.
[#2] This is the start of an interesting relationship between Siuan and Bryne.
[#3] Another of Bryne's men is Jar Silvin. (TFoH,Ch12)
[#4] Apparently Elaida is putting some positive spin on the actual events.
[#5] More details of that meeting are given in TFoH,Ch28.
[#6] With the Tairen army he sent to Cairhien. (TSR,Ch21)

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