TSR: Into the Heart

Moiraine[1] POV#

Moiraine and Egwene enter the Heart of the Stone which is filled with nobles waiting for Rand. Moiraine is irritated that Lan is missing.[2] She thinks Nynaeve will have him only if she dies.[3] Lady Leitha looks scornfully at Moiraine, but Moiraine stares her into submission. Moiraine hopes Rand has not heard of the troubles in the Two Rivers, and if he has, that he does not run off there.[4] She is glad that Elayne and Nynaeve are out of the way and wonders if they will confirm her suspicions about Windfinders.[5] She thinks Tanchico is a waste of time, but Thom will help them if there is any trouble.[6] Her letters to Siuan about Mazrim Taim should take care of the more likely danger.[7] She wishes Egwene had gone with them, but thinks that Aviendha will take care of her in the Aiel Waste. She really was astounded by the letter from the Wise Ones but she plans to mainly ignore it.[8] Her main concern is to have no one influencing Rand except herself. She sees Mat across the room and thinks how difficult he is to keep track of. She and Egwene both miss Perrin and wonder where he is. Moiraine thinks he has too strong a sense of duty to leave, but she may have to have a talk with Faile if she influences him too much.[9]

Rand enters carrying Callandor followed by a hundred Aiel. Rhuarc leads them. Rand announces that High Lord Sunamon has guaranteed a treaty with Mayene with his life. Ships now will be available to carry grain to Illian.[10] He orders the army of Tear to march north to Cairhien. High Lord Meilan will command. Under him will be High Lords Gueyam, Aracome, Hearne, Maraconn and Simaan. The force will be financed by High Lord Torean who will also accompany them. Moiraine is impressed that Rand knew of the seven most dangerous schemes against him. Moiraine still thinks he should attack Sammael in Illian and wonders if Lanfear influenced him. Rand tells them their job will be to restore order. He will send High Lady Alteima along to help feed the hungry. Moiraine thinks this is a mistake as she is the most dangerous of the High Lords. Then Rand announces that she should leave her husband, High Lord Tedosian, behind and have High Lady Estanda care for him. Alteima faints.[11] Lord Estean, Torean's son, shouts for Rand as their leader, but Rand then says he is going away. He thrusts Callandor into the floor of the Heart of the Stone and the whole Stone of Tear rings and shakes.[12] He tells the audience to look on it and remember that he will return for it. Rand turns and leaves. Moiraine and Egwene follow and catch up to him. Rand is surprised that Egwene is there and that she is going to the Aiel Waste. He thought she was going to Tanchico with Elayne and Nynaeve. Moiraine asks why Rand left Callandor and he replies that it is in the Prophecies of the Dragon:

"Into the heart he thrusts his sword,
into the heart, to hold their hearts.
Who draws it out shall follow after,
What hand can grasp that fearful blade?"[13]

She warns him that anyone can take it now, but he says he wove some particularly nasty wards around it. He finally tells Moiraine and Egwene that he is going to Rhuidean. Moiraine tries to dissuade him but he is set. She thinks she will not let him go to the Shadow whatever it takes.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] A rare point of view from Moiraine where her arrogant attitude toward Rand and the others is evident.
[#2] He is probably on his mission to Juilin. (TSR,Ch20)
[#3] How much does Moiraine know of her future from Min and from the twisted red doorway?
[#4] Rand knows and he hopes Perrin will take care of it. (TSR,Ch13)
[#5] That they can channel. They can. (TSR,Ch20)
[#6] Wrong!
[#7] Only one of Moiraine's letters arrives. Someone is intercepting them. (TSR,Ch17, TSR,Ch47)
[#8] Again she is wrong.
[#9] In fact they are in the stables at this very moment preparing to leave. (TSR,Ch18)
[#10] This order will reap enormous benefits down the road. (ACoS,Ch41)
[#11] Estanda is her sworn enemy. Alteima poisoned Tedosian for killing Carleon and he knows it.
[#12] Causing the stables to shake (TSR,Ch18) and rocking the Wavedancer. (TSR,Ch19)
[#13] Narishma will finally retrieve Callandor. (TPoD,Ch24)

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