TFoH: Rhuidean

Rand POV#

Rand is looking out over the city of Rhuidean. He has reclaimed the city as the center of his operations in the Aiel Waste. Jasin Natael plays his harp near a window. Below, Hadnan Kadere and his men load items of the One Power onto wagons while Moiraine and Lan watch. One of the men falls halfway through the twisted red doorway and seems to disappear until Lan hauls him back out.[1] Moiraine plans to take the collected items to the White Tower. Rand can see the remains of Avendesora. Even though it is burned black,[2] Moiraine says it is still alive.[3]

Rand turns back to the room. He is meeting with six Aiel clan chiefs, Bael of the Goshien, Jheran of the Shaarad, Rhuarc of the Taardad, Han of the Tomanelle, Bruan of the Nakai, and Erim of the Chareen. The clan chiefs agree that the other five clans will eventually come to Rand, the Reyn led by Dhearic, the Miagoma led by Timolan, the Shiande led by Janwin, the Daryne led by Mandelain and the Codarra led by Indirian. Timolan once tried to unite the clans when he was a young chief. Couladin and the Shaido will never come around. The clan chiefs think the Shaido have no honor. They have scouts keeping watch on the Shaido. The chiefs are all concerned by how many spears and Maidens have succumbed to the bleakness and given up their spears. They could not handle the truth that Rand brought. Jheran compares them to a stinkadder. Some have joined the Shaido.

Moiraine and Egwene arrive and the clan chiefs leave. Egwene now dresses like the Aiel women with a brown woolen skirt and white algode blouse. Moiraine tells Rand that the wagons will soon be ready to leave for Tar Valon. Rand calls her "little sister" then wonders where that phrase came from.[4] She shows Rand another seal she found in the great plaza and demonstrates that it can be scratched with a knife. The seal she brought from Tear is also weakening. Moiraine wants to know Rand's plans. She says, "Eventually I will — have to leave you."[5] Rand is cautious about going after Sammael in Illian because he might find a welcoming party.[6] Moiraine chides him for leaving Callandor behind.[7] Rand plans to take the Aiel across the Dragonwall and use them to unite the west. Rand says he will have peace or be buried in the Can Breat.[8] Moiraine thinks Siuan is laying the groundwork for his return.[9] Moiraine leaves and Rand talks briefly with Egwene. A voice in Rand's head comments on Ilyena and he remembers her appearance.[10] Egwene tells Rand that Elayne loves him, then she leaves.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This fellow is Herid. (TFoH,Ch52)
[#2] Burned during his battle with Asmodean. (TSR,Ch58)
[#3] And it will make a remarkable recovery. (ToM,Ch48)
[#4] Thoughts have started coming from Lews Therin's memories.
[#5] She knows about her forthcoming battle with Lanfear and its outcome.
[#6] Just what Sammael, Rahvin, Graendal and Lanfear are planning! (TFoH,Prologue)
[#7] Evidently Moiraine does not know about the flaw in Callandor. (TPoD,Ch27)
[#8] No clue what the Can Breat is. From Asmodean's reaction it is a reference to the Age of Legends, another memory from Lews Therin.
[#9] She has no idea about the White Tower coup.
[#10] Lews Therin's first distinct thought, but see also TSR,Ch10.

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