TPoD: The Bargain

Min POV#

Min is sitting in the Sun Palace throne room reading Herid Fel's book in the hope of learning why he was killed.[1] Sorilea has been grilling her about Rand. Cadsuane spends a great deal of time in the palace making her very nervous.

Rand walks in unannounced. He exhibits some of Lews Therin's mannerisms. She is angry that she only got two letters from him, one delivered by Jahar Narishma and one by Jonan Adley. Rand looks bleak and tells her he killed Adley. Dobraine enters and reports to Rand. Toram Riatin has disappeared. Daved Hanlon and Padan Fain are rumored to have deserted him.[2] Ailil, Bertome, Anaiyella, Weiramon and the other nobles have been settled in the palace with trustworthy servants. Caraline and Darlin are guests/prisoners of Cadsuane at Lady Arilyn's palace. Min believes Caraline will support Elayne for the Sun Throne. She recounts her viewing of them marrying and Darlin being king, adding that Darlin will die in bed and Caraline will survive him.

Merana and Rafela enter and report that they have a Bargain with the Sea Folk. Harine din Togara Two Winds, speaking for the Mistress of the Ships, Nesta din Reas Two Moons, agrees to provide ships to Rand. In return, Rand will not change any of their laws, grant them a square mile of land at all ports, keep a Sea Folk ambassador with him, and promptly answer a summons from the Mistress of the Ships. Harine will be the ambassador accompanied by her Windfinder,[3] her Swordmaster,[4] and a retinue. Rand starts to get angry, but Merana suffers a ta'veren attack and blasts him for leaving them alone. Rand ruefully admits they did the best they could. Merana says they kept the details from Cadsuane. Rand tells Min to send some Maidens to summon Cadsuane and everyone else hastily leaves. Rand and Min retire to the bedroom.

Suddenly, Somara, Nesair and Nandera enter and beat up Rand for dishonoring them. Min thinks Rhuarc will deal with them, but Rand says no, they earned the right. Her Aunt Miren gave her some pertinent advice about men. Daigian Moseneillin enters and tells Rand that Cadsuane is too busy to come.

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Rand POV#

Rand prepares to visit Cadsuane instead. He can feel that Alanna has been punished. Her presence in his head reminds him of the cost of carelessness. He orders Narishma to guard his apartments while Nandera leads him, Dashiva, Flinn, Morr and Hopwil to Cadsuane. They pass Ailil, Anaiyella and Bertome on the way. Nandera leaves and Rand and the Asha'man enter the room. Lews Therin flees as soon as he sees Cadsuane. They make a threatening scene, but Cadsuane ignores them. Rand tells the Asha'man to wait outside.

He tells her he wants her to be his advisor but she refuses. He offers again. She says she will under conditions - he must listen to her, not lie to her, and be polite. In return, she promises she will not force him to do anything, she will not pry too much, and whatever she does will be for his good alone. He is angry at the conditions and starts to leave. As he does, she says she heard that Callandor has disappeared and warns him it is flawed. She did some research when she first suspected he was born. It lacks the standard safety buffer and magnifies the taint so it can only be used safely by a circle of a man and two women.[5] She demands an apology as he walks out. Rand had hoped to use Callandor one more time. Now he has only one other chance.[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Will she, perhaps, learn something crucial?
[#2] Actually just the opposite for Fain. (WH,Ch33)
[#3] Shalon din Togara Morning Tide
[#4] Moad
[#5] She and the other Aes Sedai will teach the Asha'man Linking for WH,Ch35.
[#6] Using the Choedan Kal to cleanse the taint.

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