TGH: Blademaster

Nynaeve POV#

As the sun rises, Nynaeve, Elayne and Min wait by a street. When a sul'dam and a dark damane walk by, Nynaeve frees the damane who punches the sul'dam and runs. They capture the sul'dam, Seta, and learn that the a'dam works on her. In the White Tower, Elayne once threw a cup at Marith. They prepare to masquerade her as damane and Nynaeve as her sul'dam to get into the damane quarters.

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Bayle Domon POV#

As the sun rises, Bayle Domon and Yarin prepare to sail.

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Rand POV#

Morning finds Rand, Mat, Perrin, Hurin and Ingtar entering Falme. Rand is riding Red. Rand brought the Dragon Banner with him. As they pass Turak's house, Mat senses the ruby dagger. Rand and Hurin recognize the grolm. They sneak in the back and find the Horn and the ruby dagger. Mat grabs them both. Ingtar says "I am saved." Looking out a window, Rand spots Egwene wearing the a'dam in the house across the street. Turak comes in with two servants and several soldiers. He expected Fain since Fain wanted the ruby dagger and Huan died mysteriously.[1] When a soldier reaches for the Horn, Mat slashes him with the ruby dagger and he dies horribly. Ingtar and the others attack the soldiers while Rand faces Turak. Rand does not want to channel because Verin told him the damane could detect it[2] so he does not hold the void. Turak prepares to kill him, so finally he does hold the void. The tide turns and Rand kills Turak. This is the first time Rand killed a man. The two servants kill themselves. Ingtar and the others have dealt with the soldiers. An alarm sounds as they run from the house. Rand vows to return for Egwene.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Fain planned to kill Huan for striking him. (TGH,Ch34) Also, the name is misspelled as "Huon" in early printings. This was later corrected.
[#2] Verin deliberately uses vague phrasing that "someone" could detect him channeling. She surely knows that a woman could not detect him unaided. Is she thinking of a male Forsaken or perhaps of a woman with a ter'angreal such as Cadsuane?

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