TGH: Seanchan

Geofram Bornhald POV#

Geofram Bornhald leads Byar and a hundred Whitecloaks into a village that has been destroyed. One of his soldiers, Muadh, reports that the villagers described two of the men, Earwin and Wuan, soldiers who were conscripted by the Questioners . He has learned about the Seanchan, Hailene - Those Who Come Before, Rhyagelle - Those Who Come Home and Corenne - the Return. He nearly believes that they are Artur Hawkwing's army. A soldier, Jeral, arrives with a message from Jaichim Carridin ordering him to stay in Almoth Plain away from Toman Head.[1] Geofram Bornhald is certain something is wrong and issues orders to bring the legion to Toman Head to face the Seanchan.

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Bayle Domon POV#

Bayle Domon and Yarin are on the Spray at sea off Toman Head. They took on fireworks at Tanchico and sold them on Toman Head. They are captured by a Seanchan ship[2] captained by Egeanin. She shows off her damane or Leashed One.[3] He asks if she is Aes Sedai and is clubbed. She leaves a soldier, Caban, on his ship and orders him to follow her to port. There are about two hundred Seanchan ships at Falme. The Watchers Over the Waves are being punished for watching for the wrong thing. The Seanchan have bizarre creatures working for them as beasts of burden and mounts.[4] Egeanin searches the ship and finds Domon's seal. She takes him to a large house with a blue edged banner with a golden spread-winged hawk, the house of High Lord Turak, the leader of Hailene. She presents him to Turak and his attendant[5] and gives Turak the seal. Turak dismisses her. He takes Domon to another room with a case of cuendillar artifacts, including another seal. Turak decides to keep Domon around for amusement.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Clearly part of Ba'alzamon's orders.
[#2] Egeanin's ship is the Fearless.
[#3] Her name is Serrisa. (CoT,Ch1)
[#4] They are grolm and torm.
[#5] Huan (TGH,Ch34)

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