TGS: The Death of Adrin

Aviendha POV#

Back at Lord Tallaen's log manor, the Maidens including Lerian and Surial are angry that Rand met with Ituralde alone. Aviendha is carrying rocks from the stream to the manor house and back, more punishment. She must regain her honor to merit Rand as much as Elayne and Min. Her time with Elayne made her more used to so much water. Bashere keeps a good camp, but the men move more slowly with the strange, dark sky.

Two Saldaean guards stand at the door to the manor. One complains of the heat though it is not warm. Aviendha does not understand the complaining. It should be a sign of weakness, yet Elayne complains frequently on her pregnancy and she is not weak. Through the bond she knows that Rand is in his rooms. The Wise Ones continue to question her on Rand and Rhuarc.

The next time she passes the door the guard Adrin looks very ill. Suddenly he rakes at his face and smoking black tarry coals pour out. He collapses, his clothing bursting into flame and setting the doorframe on fire. She weaves Air and Water to extinguish the fire but her weaves fail as they near the burning mass.[1] She tries to smother the fire pulling up earth with Earth and Air but that is not enough. Finally, she weaves Air and Water to pull a spout of water from the stream. She sees other streams form; Naeff stands in a window above her. The water finally douses the fire. Rand comes out the door angrily shaking his fist at the sky and the Dark One.[2] A lanky young Domani officer is shaken.[3] Bashere begins restoring order among his men. Lord Tallaen moans about the damage to his manor. Several Aes Sedai come out.

Merise says it is a shame that Aviendha is not in the White Tower with her talent. Melaine comes up and stares down Merise. Melaine then compliments Aviendha saying no Aes Sedai save perhaps Cadsuane could have done what she did. Melaine then asks her opinion on Rand's plan for the Council of Merchants. Rand's continued demands may alienate the clan chiefs. Rhuarc is wise and patient but others like Timolan are not. Melaine wonders what "remnant of a remnant" Rand will leave of the Aiel.

Melaine then sends Aviendha to bed; she looks like a sharadan crawling for three days. There will be more punishment for tomorrow.[4] Aviendha thinks about going to Rand, but she will not until she figures out how to restore her honor.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] What is going on that would cause her weaves to fail?
[#2] Depicted in the cover art of the Tor edition.
[#3] By the description he could be Ankaer.
[#4] We will finally learn Aviendha's failing in TGS,Ch26.

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