TGS: A Crack in the Stone

Aviendha POV#

Everyone is preparing to depart for Bandar Eban. To Aviendha, it is mostly chaos. Bashere's troops are more orderly than the rest. She is still undergoing useless work as punishment, dripping water from one bucket to another. Min comes up and tries to start a conversion. She completely misses how embarrassing this is to Aviendha. Aviendha knows of the attack by Semirhage the night before; she felt Rand's anguish and raised the alarm. Min worried that they might fight over Rand and flourishes her knives. Aviendha thinks how foolish that is, like Thom Merrilin used to do. In puzzlement, Min comments one time too many on Aviendha's chore and Aviendha cracks.

She storms through the camp until she finds Amys, Bair and Melaine. She says she refuses to take orders from them any more if they have nothing left to teach her. Bair and Melaine laugh! Aviendha has finally passed the last test, demanding to be accepted as an equal! The declaration makes one a Wise One. This is the reason Sevanna was accepted by the others.[1] Aviendha will now Travel to Cold Rocks Hold then run to Rhuidean where she will traverse the glass columns. As she walks through the gateway to the Aiel Waste she exults. Her honor has returned.

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Romanda POV#

Shemerin is in Romanda's tent being questioned by her, Siuan, Lelaine, Sheriam and Magla. Shemerin answers all their questions without complaint and tells them of the Watergate she used to escape the city, by the statues of Eleyan al'Landerin[2] and her Warder. Romanda and the others are shocked that Elaida had the audacity to demote her, especially for such a minor offense. Romanda almost wishes that Egwene would return to stifle Lelaine's plotting. They met with her in Tel'aran'rhiod last night and know she is now imprisoned but still refusing rescue. As the questioning continues, she notices a lump moving under the floor of the tent. The canvas rips and a huge roach scuttles across the floor. In moments there is a flood of roaches. The sisters screech. Rorik and Burin burst into the tent but stare helplessly at the vermin. They all scramble out of the tent. Lelaine asks if Romanda had anything she values in the tent. Romanda channels Fire and torches her tent. Magla says the roaches are a kind only seen in Shara. Romanda thinks Egwene is right. The end is coming soon. She wonders if she could make herself bow to Elaida to make the White Tower whole for the Last Battle.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This explains why the Wise Ones of the Shaido (LoC,Prologue) and other clans (LoC,Ch32) grudgingly accepted Sevanna as a Wise One.
[#2] A curiously familiar name!

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