TGS: In the White Tower

Egwene POV#

Egwene is in Ferane's rooms serving nuts to her, Miyasi and Tesan. After some time, they ask her opinion on how to handle the Dragon Reborn. She would send sisters to his village to learn about him. They ask about Rand from her personal knowledge and she replies that he is rational if bull-headed and good at heart. She says she would send sisters to counsel him and then send spies if he rejects them. He could not have been stopped from taking Callandor and so far he has restored order in Cairhien, Tear and Illian. Andor and the Aiel support him. Ferane asks if he should be left to sow chaos. Egwene replies that he is like a river, calm when not agitated, but deadly when squeezed tightly as Elaida tried. Ferane coldly asks for a logical answer. Egwene thinks that logic is good, but emotion is needed as well.[1] Egwene answers that she would send a delegation of a Gray, Blue and Green, Gray for negotiation, Blue because he favors them from past association and Green as they are perceived as the opposite of Reds. Ferane replies that Elaida's delegation failed. Egwene says that is because it was sent by the Reds. Raising an Amyrlin from the Red Ajah could only have antagonized him. The White Tower is in the business of subtle manipulation, not kidnapping and locking in boxes. She mentions that Asha'man bonded sisters. Miyasi and Tesan did not know this and are shocked. Miyasi says something must be done. Egwene says no, they first must fix the division in the White Tower caused by current leadership. She says that Siuan and the Blue Ajah were partially at fault, but she reminds them that the White Ajah was integral in putting Elaida in the Amyrlin, reminding them of Alviarin's failure as Keeper. She says she is also working with the Gray, Yellow and Brown Ajahs. She hopes they will run across the story of Renala Merlon.[2] The Greens are most resistant and she cannot approach the Reds. She tells them that Suana will invite them to a meal. She will try to get a Brown next.

As she leaves, Ferane compliments her logic and offers her a place in the White Ajah. Just four days ago Bennae offered her a place in the Brown and Suana did the same with the Yellow.[3] Katerine is waiting for her just outside the White Ajah quarters. Katerine gives her her forkroot dose and tells her she will have no more lessons, just chores. Katerine takes her to the kitchens where Laras has her scrub fireplaces. Katerine and Lirene wait outside. After a few hours, Laras motions to Egwene and offers to hide her under a secret trap door in a pantry then sneak her out that night. She will not be part of breaking a girl's spirit.[4] Egwene wonders who she really is.[5]

Katerine comes in with orders for Egwene to attend Elaida again. Egwene almost despairs at having to work with the Red Ajah but she has made headway with Lirene Doirellin and with Silviana. After a bath they take her to Elaida where she finds five Sitters, Yukiri, Doesine, Ferane, Rubinde Acedone and Shevan. There are no Red Sitters present.[6] Elaida orders Egwene to keep her cup full. Elaida chides Shevan for continuing the negotiations; even Meidani thinks they are useless. Shevan says there is a rumor about Seanchan working with the Aiel.[7] Elaida orders Egwene to confess that her stories about the Seanchan are lies. Egwene says she holds to the Three Oaths in her heart and does not lie. The argument escalates and Egwene quotes the first Brown Amyrlin, Balladare Arandaille after the Kavarthen Wars, "The Amyrlin [...] is the servant of all, even the lowest of laborers." Egwene finally calls her a coward. Elaida cracks and slams Egwene to the wall calling her a Darkfriend. As Elaida beats her with Air, Egwene falls to the floor on the shards of the broken pitcher she was holding, cutting herself severely. Elaida orders her to the dungeons as she passes out.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] One of the many references to balance between logic and emotion in this book.
[#2] Who?
[#3] Setting the timing as four days after TGS,Ch12.
[#4] Similar to her response to the girls' punishment in TDR,Ch29.
[#5] And so do we!
[#6] Pevara and Javindhra are at the Black Tower (KoD,Epilogue) and Duhara is in Caemlyn. (KoD,Ch31)
[#7] Presumably this rumor comes in the aftermath at Malden.

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