TGS: On a Broken Road

Mat POV#

Mat, riding Pips, and Talmanes ride along an ancient, broken road through foothills northeast of the Damona Mountains leading the Band of the Red Hand. It is a few days since the battle with the Seanchan army and Tuon's departure.[1] They are heading toward Caemlyn to rejoin Estean and Daerid. Vanin checks Master Roidelle's map figuring their position with landmarks Blinder's Peak, Mount Sardlen and Favlend Mountain. He rides forward to scout.

Mat wonders if the Seanchan will chase him since he and Tuon are on different sides now. He is still unsure how he feels about his marriage to Tuon. Talmanes says he thinks some of the Great Captains are married, Davram Bashere and Rodel Ituralde for sure.[2]

Olver and Noal ride up. Olver has been working out how to sneak into the Tower of Ghenjei. Vanin returns with news that the village of Hinderstap is just ahead. Joline, Edesina and Teslyn ride up. They want to know how far they are from Caemlyn. Vanin says two hundred leagues, a little over a week for someone with spare horses, twenty days for the whole Band. Joline and Edesina want to go off on their own to get there faster. They demand horses for the two sul'dam[3], Setalle and probably Teslyn.

Mat sends them off in a huff, then sends Vanin to tell Mandevwin to prepare to make camp. A few of them will go to the village for supplies. Talmanes says the Two Rivers tabac, a gift from King Roedran, is gone. Mat plans to gamble for the supplies. Egwene or Nynaeve would box his ears at the idea but Talmanes is enthusiastic.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Placing this a few days after KoD,Ch37.
[#2] Gareth Bryne is not. Agelmar Jagad and Pedron Niall were not married as far as we know.
[#3] Bethamin and Seta

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