TPoD: Into Andor

Elayne POV#

Nynaeve Heals Aviendha's, Elayne's and Birgitte's wounds that they got from the explosion. Lan thinks Birgitte is Kandori because of her clothes. Birgitte and Nynaeve ride Nynaeve's horse Loversknot. Elayne and Aviendha ride Mandarb. They ride to Master Hornwell's and Mistress Hornwell's estate. Alise Tenjile keeps the Aes Sedai including Sareitha, Merilille and her maid Pol, the Windfinders including Renaile din Calon and the Kin including Reanne under control. Adeleas and Vandene take Ispan to a woodcutter's hut and plan to stay with her.

The next morning Elayne gets a new horse, Fireheart, but most of the rest will have to walk. There are eight Aes Sedai in their party.[1] Many of the women from the farm who are merchants or nobles begin to complain. The loudest is a noblewoman named Malien. Alise makes the ten slowest, Jillien, a goldsmith, Naiselle, a banker, and all eight nobles including Malien clean up dinner!

They pass through numerous villages and inns hearing opinions and rumors. In The Golden Sheaves in Damelien Elayne hears that the Dragon Reborn killed her and her mother. Near Buryhill a woman tells her that she supports Dyelin now that Morgase and Elayne are dead. At Forel Market an old carpenter tells her that the Dragon Reborn is bringing Elayne to Caemlyn. She hears rumors that Rand swore fealty to Elaida and that he is now king of Illian.

Ispan continues to grow meeker under Adeleas' and Vandene's questioning. Adeleas says she tells them no useful names. Vandene says Ispan might have taken an Oath that prevents her from betraying important information. They find no more angreal in the stash, but Elayne studies the ter'angreal she found. Spirit is the safest to use. The glass blacksmith's puzzle leaves her dizzy and unable to sleep. Fire touching the metal helmet gives everyone but her a blinding headache. The red rod knocks her out for half the night and does something very embarrassing.

They stay at an inn, The Wild Boar. The Windfinders talk Merilille into agreeing to be one of their teachers. Nine days after they left Ebou Dar raindrops fall. The next day it drizzles. The next day heavy rain holds them in The White Swan in Forel Market. The next day it snows. Aviendha produces a sack of gems[2] to buy warm clothes for everyone. When the snow starts, Renaile pronounces the bargain complete and demands the Bowl[3] and Merilille! Merilille spends the rest of the trip at the Windfinders' heels.

After sixteen days on the road, at the full moon, they stay at an inn called The New Plow. While Birgitte and Aviendha stand watch, Nynaeve and Elayne enter Tel'aran'rhiod. This is the first time since the night after the Hornwells. Egwene dressed them down for the bad bargain they made with the Sea Folk. In the Little Tower in Salidar they find a message from Egwene: "Stay in Caemlyn, keep silent and be careful." They leave a message in return that they will be there in about fifteen days. Three days later the first explosion comes.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The original count was nine but this is being corrected.
[#2] The gems that Rand returned to her from Laman's sword.
[#3] It is not clear whether or not the Aes Sedai give her the Bowl.

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