TGS: The Ways of Honor

Aviendha POV#

Aviendha, Rhuarc, Heirn and five other Maidens and True Bloods are scouting Domani refugees. This is the tenth band in less than a week. Rhuarc and Dobraine secured Bandar Eban and now the Aiel are scouting between there and Rand's manor[1]. She blames the refugees on city life, but thinks that Elayne does a good job in Caemlyn. Her duty is to Rand. Heirn thinks the refugees are no threat but Rhuarc is cautious. Aviendha is confused about her honor; she is no longer a Maiden but not yet a Wise One. She thought she was doing well in Caemlyn until Dorindha and Nadere dragged her away. Now the Wise Ones will not teach her at all and give her punishments. As they progress to Rand's manor, they meet up with two hundred other Aiel including Amys, Bair, Melaine and Nadere. Bair is only recently arrived. Amys grills Aviendha about her opinions on their work and about Rand and Min. Amys nods in agreement with Aviendha's opinions. She then gives Aviendha useless labor suitable for da'tsang as a severe punishment.[2]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Lord Tallaen's manonr house.
[#2] What has Aviendha done wrong? We finally find out in TGS,Ch26.

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