TGS: The Tower Shakes

Siuan Sanche POV#

Siuan awakes from Tel'aran'rhiod knowing something is wrong. Bryne also wakes and she tells him Egwene is in danger. Maybe Elaida decided to execute her. A young soldier Tijds urgently calls from outside the tent then enters to report dark shadows and bursts of light around the White Tower. Siuan realizes they are not Shadowspawn. This must be the Seanchan attack. The flying things are raken.[1] Siuan decides to try to rescue Egwene but Bryne wants no part of it.

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Egwene POV#

Egwene tells Nicola that the attack is a Seanchan raid to capture marath'damane. Nicola wants to flee but Egwene says they will fight. She collects novices including Jasmen, Yeteri, Inala, Tamala. With help from Nicola she teaches them to form a circle. Linked with the novices, Egwene has enough strength to open a gateway to the angreal storeroom where she fetches the white fluted wand. They are now ready to fight.

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Siuan Sanche POV#

Siuan goes to Gawyn for help and he quickly agrees. They will use the passage Shemerin discovered to get into Tar Valon. Bryne grudgingly agrees to go with them but only if Siuan will agree to two demands. The first is to bond him as Warder.[2] She bonds him and they are fully aware of each other's feelings. Gawyn brings Bela for her to ride. Bryne will bring a hundred guards.

Adelorna Bastin POV#

Adelorna runs through the White Tower. She saw Josaine dead and Marthera collared. One of her Warder is dead and Talric is wounded. Suddenly she is shielded and a sul'dam, Gregana, collars her and names her Sivi. Adelorna is horrified, but the next moment her collar flies off and a blast of fire takes Gregana. She sees Egwene with Vora's sa'angreal. Egwene continues to fight, giving orders to the novices including Shanal, Clara and Lucain. Adelorna tries to take over but Egwene firmly tells her that she is in command. Adelorna acquiesces. Egwene opens a gateway to the storeroom to get more angreal. They must prevent any sister who knows Traveling from being captured. Adelorna is stunned that Egwene never tried to escape but Egwene replies that she would not have been escaping. She would have been abandoning them. Egwene intends to win this battle.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The attacking force is mostly to'raken with some raken as support, (TGS,Ch36) but this distinction is lost on most of the observers.
[#2] We learn what the second demand will be in TGS,Ch43.

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