TGS: Sealed to the Flame

Egwene POV#

Egwene sits in her tent attended by Chesa. She thinks her "rescue" is a disaster. She blames herself as well as Siuan, Gawyn and Bryne. She cannot return to the White Tower as prisoner; Elaida would have her executed. With Rand and the Seanchan, the stalemate cannot continue. Her only recourse seems to be to use her army to attack. She does not know Elaida's status, but she must assume that she is still in control.[1] To succeed she must use the best aspects of each of the Ajahs in herself. She opens the tent flap to find Gawyn right there. He seems even more attractive to her than Galad. She is furious with him but he stubbornly refuses to accept that rescuing her was a mistake. She heads for the Hall of the Sitters.

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Jesse Bilal POV#

Ajah heads Jesse Bilal (Brown), Adelorna (Green), Suana Dragand (Yellow), Ferane Neheran (White) and Serancha Colvine (Gray) meet to discuss what to do about leadership of the White Tower. Tsutama (Red) is too new to her position to be part of the meeting. The five of them have secretly been working together to try to manage Elaida.[2] This has happened before in the history of the White Tower, notably during the reign of Cemaile Sorenthaine. Their attempts completely failed and now the Tower is adrift without a leader. Their attempts to manage the rebellion by secretly sending junior Sitters to join the rebels and appointing temporary replacements also failed.[3] Many of the junior Sitters actually came to sympathize with the rebels. They agree that they can no longer salvage their plans; they need to select a new Amyrlin. Each suggests sisters from her own Ajah such as Saerin Asnobar or Seaine Herimon and each is promptly shot down. Adelorna finally suggests Egwene and the others agree. They will choose an Amyrlin of strength.

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Siuan POV#

Siuan watches as Sheriam closes the flap to the Hall. A ward against eavesdropping appears. Gareth Bryne comes up. She thinks she has lost Egwene's trust by disobeying her, but Egwene did not realize how close she was to losing control of the rebels. Bryne tells her that his second demand will be that she marry him, but he will wait until her mission to save the world is done. Siuan thinks that he really does understand her.

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Egwene POV#

In the Hall, Kwamesa weaves the ward against eavesdropping. There are only twelve Sitters as each Ajah sent one to the Black Tower.[4] The Gray Ajah replaced Delana with Naorisa Cambral. Sheriam wears a bandage on her left hand.[5] Romanda looks satisfied while Lelaine looks sulky.[6] Varilin asks what news she brings.

First things first, Egwene pulls the Oath Rod, retrieved late last night, from her pouch and swears the Three Oaths. She then tells them that one of the Black Ajah confessed to her. She states that she is not a Darkfriend and tells them they will each have to reswear. Sheriam embraces the True Source and Egwene shields her. Berana cries out. Egwene questions Sheriam and tricks her into a lie. She tells Sheriam it was Verin who came to her. Moria tries to escape and she is caught as well. Each of the remaining Sitters reswears the Oaths proving themselves. Takima asks if there are others and Egwene replies that there are over two hundred, seventy in the rebel camp. They will seize them one Ajah at a time. Bryne will set up a perimeter for sisters and Warder who try to escape. Once the camp is cleansed, the army will begin the assault on the White Tower that evening. She tells them to pass the word. The news will be a distraction to cover their work.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Not!
[#2] This explains the secret meetings of the Ajah heads. There is still one unexplained detail. How do the Ajah heads know the identity of each other? For instance, after the disappearance of Galina, how did they learn that Tsutama was chosen by the Reds as her replacement?
[#3] This nicely wraps up two mysteries, the too young Sitters problem as well as the odd behavior of Takima, Varilin, Faiselle, Saroiya, and Magla. The Ajah heads saw to the selection of appropriate "temps" in the White Tower and the five moles did the same with the rebels, e.g., Romanda's thoughts on Magla. (KoD,Ch23)
[#4] We can only be certain that Lyrelle was one of the delegates. If we make an assumption that the five Sitters who were violently opposed to the delegation were not sent, then we have the following:

In addition, several other sisters were sent. (TGS,Ch45) The Black Tower delegation includes Lyrelle, Myrelle, Nisao, Faolain and Theodrin. (TGS,Ch45)
[#5] Evidently Sheriam was one short on the Dream ter'angreal she delivered to Mesaana. (TGS,Ch25) But there is a complication. (TGS,Ch45)
[#6] Lelaine has been getting the upper hand on Romanda. Egwene's return brings them back to equal footing.

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