TPoD: An Unwelcome Return

Elaida POV#

Elaida is meeting with six Sitters, Duhara, (Red), Velina, (White), Shevan, (Brown), Andaya, (Gray), Rubinde Acedone, (Green), and Sedore, (Yellow). Shevan wears a dress of dark golden silk.[1] Elaida is annoyed that everyone in the White Tower now seems to know about forkroot. Her clock reminds her once again that she wants the glory that Cemaile dreamed of. They are discussing the Seanchan taking Amador and Ebou Dar, the Salidar Aes Sedai in Murandy and Rand taking Illian. Velina does not believe stories of a'dam. They do not know where Darlin, Caraline and Toram Riatin are hiding. Elaida threatens to send them to Silviana, something she does often. She has expelled two Sitters.[2]

As the Sitters rise to leave, Alviarin enters, after mysteriously vanishing for two weeks.[3] Velina flinches.[4] The Sitters leave. Elaida thinks to herself that she has not spoken to Seaine, but she sincerely hopes that she has come up with something to charge Alviarin with treason. Elaida still has hopes that Toveine will succeed in taking the Black Tower. Alviarin orders Elaida to sign a decree acknowledging Rand as the Dragon Reborn, and ordering all who wish to approach him to go through the White Tower or be branded traitors to the Light. Rand is also granted the protection of the White Tower. Alviarin leaves. Silviana enters wearing her red-fringed shawl[5] to administer punishment that Alviarin ordered.

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Alviarin Freidhen POV#

Mesaana in disguise orders Alviarin to investigate why all the heads of the Ajahs, except the Red, are meeting in secret. Mesaana thinks Galina was killed.[6] Galina was the only Ajah head who is Black, however there are Black Ajah sisters among the Sitters.[7] Ferane Neheran and Suana Dragand are the only Sitters who are actually heads of their Ajahs. While kissing her hem, Alviarin notes that Mesaana is really wearing a dress of bronze silk[8] with black scrollwork. Alviarin realizes Mesaana does not know everything that goes on in the White Tower.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Dark gold sounds suspiciously like bronze.
[#2] Joline and Teslyn.
[#3] No clue where Alviarin has been for two weeks.
[#4] No clue why Velina flinches. Does she know something about Alviarin?
[#5] Marking her as Red Ajah.
[#6] So Galina's whereabouts are unknown to at least some of the Forsaken.
[#7] So there are other Black Ajah among the Sitters besides Talene Minly. We learn some of them in TGS,Ch39.
[#8] Bronze sounds suspiciously like dark gold. We learn if this observation is meaningful in ToM,Ch42.

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