TPoD: The Extra Bit

Seaine Herimon POV#

Seaine is searching the White Tower for Zerah Dacan.[1] The Ajahs are increasingly distant from one another, even the Sitters. Talene Minly glares at her. Juilaine Madome, a Brown Sitter less than a year, snubs her. Saerin Asnobar, another Brown Sitter, scowls at her. Finally she finds Zerah. She leads Zerah to the lowest level of the White Tower, not visited in years, where Pevara is waiting with the Oath Rod. Seaine and Pevara start by reswearing the oaths. Swearing on the Oath Rod causes Seaine's skin to feel too tight. They shield her and force her to reswear the oaths and to swear to obey them. She says she came to the White Tower from the north, riding down the Erinin River River to Jualdhe but southern cockleburs were found on her saddle. Zerah admits she came from Salidar. She truly believes that the Reds set up Logain. She nearly chokes to death when Pevara tells her to admit it is a lie. Zerah gives them the names of the other nine moles including Bernaile, the other White.[2] They send Zerah away.

Suddenly, four other Sitters enter the room, Saerin, Talene, Yukiri, (Gray), and Doesine, (Yellow). They followed the two because they saw them talking together and thought they were involved in something the Hall should know about. Saerin spots the Oath Rod and figures out what they were doing. She picks up the Oath Rod and reswears the oaths adding that she is not a Darkfriend. All of them follow in kind - except Talene who refuses![3]

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Toveine Gazal POV#

Toveine, together with four other Red Ajah including Jenare and Lemai, and fifty soldiers ride through Andor. There are nine other identical parties, all converging on the Black Tower.[4] Her horse is Sparrow. She was exiled to a farm in the Black Hills run by Mistress Jara Doweel, a very harsh taskmaster. She particularly resents Elaida because Elaida escaped without punishment even though she also took part in the Red Ajah's illicit activity.[5]

They are trapped and shielded by a group of Asha'man including Hardlin, Norley, Kajima and Vinchova and led by Logain. Logain is a full Asha'man. He bonds Toveine, his second.[6] Vinchova thinks Taim does not approve of the bonding.[7] Logain thinks Taim would rather see him dead.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Dacan is one of the Sea Folk Clans. (WH,Ch11) Is Zerah one of the token Sea Folk Aes Sedai? From Egwene there are only three Sea Folk Aes Sedai (WH,Ch11) and we later learn they are all three Brown Ajah librarians. (CoT,Ch21)
[#2] The Yellow Ajah sisters she reveals are Annharid and Celestin. The Gray Ajah sisters are Jennet and Meidani. (CoT,Prologue, KoD,Ch24)
[#3] Exposing Talene as Black Ajah!
[#4] All fifty-one are captured and bonded. (WH,Prologue) Others captured/bonded by include Akoure Vayet, Ayako Norsoni/Donalo Sandomere, Carniele, Desandre, Gabrelle/Logain, Jenare/Welyn Kajima (WH,Prologue) Adrielle/Mezar Kurin and Aisling Noon/Arel Malevin. (KoD,Ch20)
[#5] This is apparently associated with the "vileness" after the Aiel War which included the Red Ajah gentling men outside the White Tower and confused accounts of the Black Ajah killing men showing signs of channeling ability.
[#6] The first was Gabrelle. (WH,Prologue) Evidently Logain and his men have already taken at least one other of Toveine's parties.
[#7] Curious. Logain will tell Rand that Taim ordered the bonding. (CoT,Ch24)

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